Natural-born psychic medium, speaker, and spiritual healer Sky Raye Hits Seven Amazon Best Seller Lists with first book, “Find Your Voice in the Darkness”

Natural-born psychic medium, speaker, and spiritual healer Sky Raye‘s recent release, Find Your Voice in the Darkness: Shine Your Light to Serve Your Soul Purpose made an impressive entrance on the day of release in the New Age Religion and Spirituality categories, appearing on seven of Amazon’s best seller lists on February 11, 2021. The book was also listed as a number one New release in three categories.

In this book, Sky Raye shares her wisdom, insights, and journey as a spiritual teacher and intuitive empathic healer to help readers overcome losses, grief, and obstacles and find hope in the darkness. She also shares her own powerful, personal story of love, loss, light, and shadow, including how she faced both darkness and her own demons and experienced death itself to find her own path to wholeness and peace again.

In response to the book’s success on launch day, Raye shared, “This book is for those longing for connection and a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm so they can find the answers, clarity, and peace their souls so desperately seek. When we feel abandoned in the midst of a sea of darkness, we want and need to know that we are not alone and that there is a way to move past the tragedy, trauma, and heartache, to evolve, and to rise beyond them.  I am very grateful that so many were touched by the message and am excited to continue the momentum.”

With the continued turmoil and unrest in the world, the subject matter of Find Your Voice in the Darkness is a hot topic and a must read for those seeking a deeper understanding in the spiritual realm, peace, and hope.

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.

About the Author

Sky Raye is a natural-born psychic medium from central Pennsylvania who is a public speaker, spiritual teacher, and intuitive empathic healer. Known for her fine-tuned skills developed over many years of her journey, she can read the energies of both the living and the dead.

As a forensic psychic medium, she works with law enforcement on unsolved and missing persons cases. Donating time to help solve missing persons cases is one of the ways she gives back to her community.

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