Neena R. Speer Announces Ticora Davis as the 2022 Keynote Speaker on Her Trademark That Thursdays® Summit: 2nd Annual Virtual Online Summit

The 2022 Keynote Speaker, Ticora Davis is one headliner of the event. Attorney Davis founded The Creator’s Law Firm to empower, protect, and advance creatives, CEOs, and Founders in their legacy-driven call to entrepreneurship. The Creator’s Law Firm also revolutionized work culture for women by creating a global model for work-life blend and team building. Having filed over 900 trademark applications and boasting a 98.5% success rate, her Smarts Protection Team of savvy attorneys and advocates are the premier choice for trademarks, general counsel, contracts, business formation and strategy. This Virtual Summit started as a way to provide low-cost CLE for minority IP LAWYERS. All proceeds go to help establish a fund to help young minority women IP lawyers access funding for assistance to hire their first team member and attend conferences.


Neena was interviewed about her Summit on the Influential Entrepreneurs podcast, listen here


Speer commented, “I am committed to smashing the statistic that less than 1.8% of IP Lawyers are a minority. We will inspire others to see themselves by recruiting diverse speakers only. That may not be popular,  but we know plenty of PHENOMENAL SPEAKERS who are MINORITY IN THIS FIELD that are not given the right opportunities. We aim to be that resource.”

She continued, “We want more young minority attorneys interested in courses taught by minority IP Lawyers and many legal conferences provide a financial restriction that may be holding Aspiring IP Lawyers back from the knowledge they need. This is a free event meant to provide 8-12 FREE CLE HOURS for Aspiring IP professionals. If you’re interested in sponsoring with a giveaway of your IP course, software, access to your CRM, and even payment processor, marketing, VA services, let us know what it is valued at so we can give you appropriate sponsor credit.”

The summit lineup comprises a phenomenally talented minority female and one minority male lineup who all are at varying levels of their trademark law practice. So, make plans to attend this event for these amazing lessons in IP. This event sold out of the 102 backstage seats that were available in less than two weeks using our newest platform, Airmeet, to host what might soon become your premier educational source for trademark law: Trademark That Thursdays® , a registered Trademark for our social media and educational series owned exclusively by Neena R. Speer Law Firm.

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Neena R. Speer is an attorney, author, speaker, and truth dealer. She has a solo law firm called the Neena R. Speer Law Firm LLC. She is a Founder and Executive Director of her mentoring nonprofit focused on continuous mentorship for all students at all levels K-12 & college, Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative that she started her 3L year of law school. Lastly, she is a six-time published author. Her most popular book is a republished Kindle version of Dear Future Lawyer: An Intimate Survival Guide for the Female Minority Law Student, which hit #1 in two different categories in November 2020, earning her the title of Amazon Bestseller. Since she was in eighth grade, her passion was to be a criminal defense attorney in her hometown where she grew up: Birmingham, AL. She is living out that dream and speaking for countless organizations, including the University of Alabama School of Law, the YMCA, the Black Girl Project, the National HBCU Pre-Law Summit, Black Pre-Law Conference, Northern Illinois University Law School, various other organizations, and her upcoming TEDx Youth Davenport Talk entitled “Diversity Redefined” Spring 2023. She speaks about her experiences as a law student, a black minority in the law field, and her journey past failing her first bar exam. She specializes in Trademarks, Copyrights, Business Formation, Contracts Drafting/Review, Criminal Defense, and Expungements. Neena also equips Title 1 students with the tools to become financially savvy using mathematical principles and problem-solving through budgeting, saving, and managing money.


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