Nic Welch – Mastering Communication for a Better Business and Life

Nic Welch, Host of the Real Time: Real Men Only show, shares some of her background and life experiences which have shaped her into a master of helping others facilitate their communication to make everything in their life, from career to relationships just work better.

The combination of Nic experiences, which include working in life threatening situations in Central America and important work in the Psychiatric field as a Mental Health Therapist , have made her a master of communication – which at times may have saved her life.

Now she excels in working with “techies” who focus primarily on sharing the nitty gritty and the ins and outs of what they are trying to market, much to the dismay of their unsuspecting prospects. After listening to several hours of a sales pitch, it’s no wonder that more often than not, there is no sale.

Her many strategies teach this type of business person how to schedule their time, how to recognize when a sale is made and when to stop talking, as well as many other necessary life skills. Learning her strategies helps to improve both the business and personal aspects of their lives.

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