Not All Superheroes Wear Capes: Honoring Humanitarian Heroes At 2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards Following Opening Day Of D23 Expo

If there’s one idea that encapsulates the 2nd Annual Be Great! Humanitarian Awards following the opening day of Disney’s D23 Expo, it’s a sentiment expressed during 2021’s inaugural event interview with Linda Larkin, who plays Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin, “We’re all coming together to do something hopeful, positive and life-changing.”

Pamela Landwirth (CEO of Give Kids The World Village and a 2021 Honoree) shared her thoughts about the event stating, “So when you think about humanitarian efforts, everybody has a talent. If you can’t give money, you can give time. If you can’t give time, you can give something else; you can give in kind. And it’s so important because I truly believe that hope is the most precious gift that you can give to another human being. And it comes in many shapes and forms.”

A Celebration of Humanity During Disney’s 100th Anniversary Kick-off

Set against a backdrop of Marvel characters, upcoming Disney movies, and the kick-off to Disney’s 100th Anniversary celebration at D23 Expo, this Sept. 9, 2022, some outstanding people in the philanthropic community are receiving some well-deserved accolades.

Chosen from a list of over 200 nominees, approximately 20 recipients of the Be Great! Humanitarian Awards 2022 were selected because their work advances humanity and empowers the planet. Some of this year’s honorees are also contributing to areas of sustainable development. This is a cause that’s near and dear to not only Be Great! as a social impact-based production company but as well for Create Impact, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit host of this year’s Annual Humanitarian Awards.

Being Great in Life Beyond the Mickey Mouse Club

Set to be held in the Grand Ballroom at the Anaheim Marriott Convention Center at the conclusion of the first day of events for D23 Expo 2022, this event will bring together some amazing live music, as well as spotlights on extraordinary individuals and organizations.

Special guests include the reunited cast of the “All-New Mickey Mouse Club.” As it turns out, these purveyors of happiness have been pretty busy since their Mouseketeer days ended. If they were committed to turning up the happiness quotient during their Mouse Club days, they’re doubly committed now. Many former cast members are currently involved with the MMC’89 Social Impact Initiative, a project by Create Impact.

Yet, despite their busy post-Mickey Mouse Club schedules, former “All-New Mickey Mouse Club” alums Rhona Bennett (member of En Vogue) and Tony Lucca (Season 2 finalist of NBC’s “The Voice”) count among the performers who’ll wow post-D23 Expo 2022 audiences. The evening will also feature an exceptional performance of Lindsey Alley’s “Blood, Sweat & Mouseketears,” a comedic musical journey and her quest for the elusive “Happily Ever After.” 

Life Lessons From Disney Academy and the Mouseketeers

While the former Mouseketeers’ multimedia performances (and this whole champagne-filled, red carpet event) emphasize fun, the work behind it embraces some very serious, very empowering sentiments. Many of the former Mouseketeers involved with this event cited their years at Disney as one of the inspirations behind their socially-involved work today.

During Be Great!’s Inaugural Ceremony in Orlando, FL last year, they spoke with Lee Cockerell, (Former Executive VP of Operations at Walt Disney World Resort) who shared his wisdom on philanthropy stating, “You have to do what you have the ability to do, what you have the resources to do, and if it’s only helping one person, so be it. Or two people. And if you can inspire one person to maybe on a career path or to do something differently, you’ve done your part.”

Honoring Extraordinary Individuals at the 2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards

Although the full list of humanitarian awards recipients hasn’t been announced yet, there is a preliminary list of this year’s award recipients who will be honored on September 9th. The remainder of the award recipients will be announced prior to the event.

Hosted by Dr. Greg S. Reid (author, speaker, and founder of Secret Knock), here are some of the 2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards Recipients:

  • Leigh Steinberg (Founder of Steinberg Sports & Entertainment)
  • Khalilah Ali (Humanitarian/Author)
  • Larry Namer (Founder of E! Entertainment)
  • Lady JB Owen (Founder of Ignite Humanity)
  • Emily Lartigue (Founder of Cast Member Pantry)
  • Sir Alec Stern (Co-founder of Constant Contact)
  • Dr. Cyndi Romine (Founder of Called To Rescue)
  • Ever Matson (Founder of Child Hunger Sucks)
  • Eric Power (Founder/CEO of Veteran’s Disability Help)
  • Jade Zaroff (Founder of Entertainment For Change)

The people and organizations who receive the Be Great! Humanitarian Awards embrace Create Impact’s mission. This nonprofit’s work centers around initiatives to empower socially conscious entrepreneurs with nonprofit management services and the promotion of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals for a better world by 2030. 

Create Impact’s programs work to prevent domestic abuse and violence, end poverty and human trafficking and feed the hungry. Other programs use media and events to inspire individuals to be better human beings, offer leadership training for young people through the arts, and promote health and well-being such as raising awareness for the prevention of suicide among veterans with PTSD.

Create Impact will be launching its newest campaign at the event called Use Your Bottle, Change Our World, to promote the United Nations Development Programme’s efforts to inspire the reduction of single-use plastic.

Celebrating Disney’s 100th Anniversary by Impacting the Future

But while some of the glitz and glamor is sure to be pure Disney magic in spirit, something else lies at the heart of these annual events. “You know, I have a favorite quote,” says Pamela Landwirth, President & CEO of Give Kids The World during Be Great!’s 2021 inaugural event.

“The meaning of life is to find your gifts. The purpose of life is to give them away.’ And that to me is so powerful because again, I think I was so blessed to spend 16 wonderful years at Disney, and all the experiences I had while I was there helped me to kind of find and develop some gifts that I’ve been able to put to good use here.”

How to Participate with Create Impact and the 2020 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards

Would-be guests of the event are encouraged to buy tickets in advance as they’re expected to sell out quickly. Tickets are available online at

2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards’ guests can choose between several different ticket options. These include general admission, VIP admission, VIP Tables of 8, and after-party-only tickets. VIP admission includes some incredible goodies, like complimentary champagne, hors d’oeuvres, VIP table seating, intimate time with Award Recipients, Celebrities and Sponsors, live art & music, special photo-ops, and interviews on the red carpet with celebrity guests and reunited Mouseketeers. 

Club Impact Members receive two free general admission tickets and 50% off two VIP tickets. Veterans and First Responders receive 25% off admission, and Disney employees receive 50% off admission.

Veteran’s Disability Help is a proud presenting sponsor of the 2nd Annual Be Great! Humanitarian Awards. Carlsen Partners, G.O.A.T. Consulting Group, ACCESS Travel Solutions, Exceptional Leverage Coaching, Ignite Publishing, Secret Knock, and Always in the Club Foundation are supporting partners, and United Nations Development Programme has supported the event by providing products for the launch of the Use Your Bottle, Change Our World social impact campaign.

*The tickets for this humanitarian awards event and the after party are separate from other D23 Expo 2022 events, including the Marvel entertainment line-up.

Be Great! Humanitarian Awards Came About After Following Nearly 5 Years of Helping Rescue Children Who Are Missing, Abused Or Trafficked 

While volunteering overseas, the founder of Be Great! was struggling to find content showcasing humanitarianism and philanthropy at events, online and on television, therefore, Be Great! was conceived. 

Be Great! is a social impact-based production company that spotlights individuals, events, and organizations who are advancing humanity and empowering the planet. In 2021, Be Great! joined forces with Create Impact, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Be Great! produces a variety of awards, international community events, and media that inspires people to be great! Their events help raise awareness and resources for important social impact initiatives, their awards honor and celebrate those creating positive impact, and their media casts a spotlight on those creating solutions for social impact issues. Since 2016, Be Great! has successfully produced, sponsored, co-produced, or supported over 35 different community events to serve children, human trafficking, the environment, the homeless, veterans, educational programs, and other underserved communities.