Pantea Kalhor’s “Naturally Conceived” Primed For Print Version After Reaching Bestseller Status

The book’s title in full tells it all about its message – “Naturally Conceived: How To Get Pregnant, Explain Unexplained Infertility And Prevent Miscarriages By Unleashing Your Reproductive Power Even Over 40!”. In the book Pantea Kalhor encourages women who have suffered complications in pregnancy not to give up. “Naturally Conceived” was written to help women in this group embrace complementary medicine without fear. 

A preview on the book is available here:

According to several positive reviews, “Naturally Conceived” teaches readers how to remove mental blocks and break vicious cycles of miscarriages among other benefits. It also offers up pointers on how to manage PTSD and trauma during pregnancy or fertility struggles. Considering that infertility issues also come with a barrage of health issues, Pantea Kalhor loads “Naturally Conceived” with tested and trusted health tips to help women get through.

This book has been reviewed and contributed by top fertility experts, medical doctors, Naturopathy doctors, Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and functional medicine practitioners: Ryan Longenecker, Dr Dawn Garrison, Tso-Lin Moy, Dr. Janelle Louis, Dr Carol Lourie, Dr Manon Boliger, Dr Adrienne Lara ,Dr Deborah Mathew, Dr Jessica Borushok, Dr Alison Mitzner, Dr Krista Burns, Katinka Bencs, Ellyn Kathrine Shamalov, Robin Stoltman, Lisa White, Elizabeth King, Monika Friedman, Amber Ybarra, Amanda Testa, Michelle Riddle, and Fabiana Baccini.

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Being a PTSD and Fertility Coach and having experienced the struggle of infertility firsthand, there won’t be many more qualified to handle this topic than Pantea Kalhor. The author has forged a strong reputation for herself as a 3-time #1 Bestselling author, Fertility Coach, Show Host and podcaster.

When quizzed about becoming a bestselling author Pantea Kalhor said,

“We have been created to create our life to the fullest (Naturally Conceived, Page 48). I am a 3 time bestselling author. That means I could leave a valuable legacy for my daughter and the generations after me. When I die, my stories will still live on amazon. My shows and podcast interviews will be alive on virtual world and my daughter is able to listen to it. The best seller means I could share my message to more people and that was my purpose to bring awareness about unexplained infertility and overcoming trauma.”

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