Parker Winder – Real Magic: The Art of Creating a Life and Business that Work… Effortlessly

There are those who have seen extreme success in sales and as sales leaders – and then there are those who would like to see that success but keep encountering obstacles.

In this episode Parker Winder, best selling author of the book “Real Magic: The Art of Creating a Life and Business That Work… Effortlessly” shares how he helps remove those obstacles.

With a successful background in sales, Parker consults with sales leaders in high profit situations who are stuck with these obstacles. The distinguishing thing about Parker is that he helps them reach extraordinary results in an effortless manner while working fewer hours.

Successful people have an entrepreneur mindset, even while working for others. In fact, they often see themselves, in their thoughts and in their actions, as the business owner.

Parker shares his strategies for creating this success magic in his best selling book, “Real Magic: The Simple art of Creating a Life and Business that Works Effortlessly”, available on

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