Peter Maatouk Helps Sydney Residents With Legal Options to Keep Them in Control of Their Legal Proceedings

Peter Maatouk’s mission is to ensure that all Sydney residents get the legal representation they deserve, regardless of their circumstances!

The Maatouks Law Group was founded in 2002 by Peter Maatouk after almost a decade of working with other law firms in Sydney. During his stint in the big city of Sydney, Peter realized that while the law firm was closing and winning cases, they were not really helping their community and the “little guy” in particular. 

After years of acquiring the relevant legal experience, his dissatisfaction caused him to move from Sydney to really help those who really needed legal help. This burning desire to help vulnerable residents has translated to a successful legal practice whose major focus is on making sure that everyone who is in trouble with the law gets the representation they require. 

With his practice, Peter now reaches many helpless people who genuinely need the services of an experienced lawyer. He frequently collaborates with and devotes his time to a wide range of charities whose members and subjects require legal counsel.  

Because of his collaboration with these charities and his contributions to his community, Peter is considered an inspiring business leader in West Sydney. His commitment to client’s cases and outcomes is unmatched.

For him and the team at Maatouk Law Group, there’s no such thing as giving up. As long as a client has the right, the legal team works hard to get them the legal representation they need to get a favorable outcome. 

Peter’s unflinching commitment to justice, the rights of individuals, and the law are why clients who were without hope and struggling to seek and get justice for their case, now have a reason to smile. 

He’s able to do this through the resilient team of Senior Counsels, Queen’s Counsels, Solicitors, and Barristers who never give up the fight. With the law firm’s track record, individuals who are seeking justice can do so if their case is within the law firm’s purview:

Family Law

Divorce and family cases can be a very difficult process for people, and it’s often made worse by the insensitivity of lawyers. Peter and his team have helped many through this very hard period of their lives, and have done so with utmost sensitivity to their emotional state, whilst still ensuring that they get a fair outcome. 

Criminal Law

Being accused of a crime is a terrible thing. Not only does it affect the person involved, but it also taints everything and everyone who is connected to them. As an experienced criminal defence lawyer, Peter and the team have helped many accused individuals by getting their cases thrown out, downgrading the charges, or encouraging the plaintiff to withdraw the case. 

And in instances where the guilty plea is unavoidable, the team works incredibly hard and fights for the defendant so that the sentence or punishment is reduced.

Peter Maatouk and his team of lawyers also handle a wide range of case types including building and construction law, property law, litigation matters, and many more. Here’s what people have to say about Peter Maantouk and the team at Maatouks Law Group:

“My ex was trying to lie and placed a caveat on my house, not only did Peter win the case but she had to pay my legal costs also, Peter Maatouk you are a legend!” – Anthony S 

“When they say Family Law Experts, they are not wrong, Peter and Serge were a force to be reckoned with. Great team, best results ever. Even the Barrister was awesome. One of the best solicitor.” – Darrell

For people who require experienced and compassionate legal representation, Peter and the Maantouks Law Group will provide all the necessary legal support and help. 

Source: Maatouk Law Group