Rachel Bandara – Making The Most of Your “Fresh Start”

“Fresh Start”… this idiom is generally offered as an optimistic way to view a negative life changing circumstance. Perhaps it’s the realization of a failed relationship or dead end job.  In this interview, Coach, Speaker and Writer, Rachel Bandara reveals how she personally turned a “Fresh Start” into the best thing that ever happened to her – and how she now helps other women do the same.

Rachel helps women who are looking for that Fresh Start – whether it’s in a career, business, image, relationships or life in general. She helps them develop an empowering, fulfilling and authentic lifestyle that enables them to reach the potential that they know they are capable of, even if they feel that change is impossible.

Many women actually end up finding that the negative experience that thrust them into a fresh start may lead them into directions they never even conceived they would want to go, with startling and wonderful results.

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