Ralph Napolitano – Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business and Building a Family Legacy

Ralph Napolitano lives for the legacy – building and continuing the legacy of a multi-generational family restaurant in the Bronx. He is a star in the CNBC primetime docu-series, “Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business,” along with his brother, Chef Anthony, and his mother, Vera.

In this interview with Jack, Ralph discusses his family’s business, ANN & TONY’S, an Italian restaurant on Arthur Avenue in New York City in the heart of the Bronx. He shares the ups and downs of running a restaurant business. He also talks about his journey into the internet marketing world that could be the key to saving this business as they struggle to compete with the new competition that has cropped up in the area.

In addition to being a practicing chiropractor and a budding author, Ralph is a story teller and the heart of this business, along with his brother Chef Anthony. He demonstrates his marketing creativity as he shares stories of the strategies he’s used to fill the tables, many of which could be used for other business niches.

He also shares the philosophies on life which he learned from his grandmother, Ann. This restaurant was started by his great-grandfather and passed on through the generations to Ralph and his brother, Anthony. Listen, laugh and learn as Ralph shares his family’s history, as well as how he educates and advocates for the happiness of his family and his customers.

Ralph strives to continue the family legacy for many generations to come and inspires others to create and leave a legacy of their own.

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