Real Estate Expert Valencia Simmons Reveals Strategies For Selling and Buying A Home At The Same Time In a Hot Market on Influencers Radio

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Maryland, D.C., and Central Florida real estate agent Valencia Simmons discussed special considerations for homeowners in the process of selling their current home while buying a new home in today’s hot market.

Selling or Buying a home can be one of the more complicated and stressful processes a lot of people face, especially in a hot market when things move quickly, emotions are high, and decisions need to be made fast.

Specializing in the Maryland, D.C., and Central Florida areas, Valencia is particularly exceptional at helping homeowners who need to simultaneously sell their current home and purchase a new home, whether it’s for a growing family who needs a larger home or for an empty nester who needs to downsize, or maybe even someone looking to purchase an investment property or second home.

As a homeowner and investment property owner, Valencia has sold and purchased homes of her own and can empathize with the oftentimes emotional rollercoaster ride faced during the home selling and/or home purchasing journey.

During the interview, Valencia explained why one of the first questions she asks a seller is whether they really need to sell or can they possibly hold on to their property as an investment, saying, “I’m just really passionate about helping others tap into the generational wealth-building potential that comes with owning real estate. I moved into my first apartment in 1986. While renting, I had a moment when I thought to myself ‘Oh my, I’m paying all of this money out in rent, and at the end of the year I don’t have anything to show for it – no property appreciation, no equity, and no tax write-off.’ So, I asked my parents if I could come and stay with them while I saved to purchase a home of my own. Being the amazing daughter I am, they welcomed me with open arms, and after a couple of years, I purchased my first home as a single mom. A few years later, I got married and moved into my husband’s home.  But, I didn’t sell my home.  Instead, I rented it out for more than double the amount of my mortgage payment. That just blew my mind!  Someone else paid my mortgage, and I got all the tax benefits!  Once you own an investment property, you can claim depreciation on that property for tax purposes and take advantage of other tax write-offs. And then, of course, you’re able to bring in additional income that you can save or invest elsewhere. I paid my daughter’s college tuition with the extra income I received from renting out that property. And then a few years ago, I purchased another investment property in the Orlando, FL area that I rent out on Airbnb. It’s just a no-brainer to me to own property that someone else pays for.  That’s why I always ask homeowners if they really need to sell and explain to them the benefits of owning investment properties. I think it’s great.  It provides a legacy to leave to your children and to your grandchildren.”

Listening to this episode, it’s easy to understand why to Valencia’s clients, she’s not just their real estate agent. She is a true educator and advocate for their success … even if it means showing them why not selling their current home can be more financially beneficial for them and their families.

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