Renee Gambino – Why Comfort & Mediocrity May Be The Biggest Threat To Your Success

Powerhouse Speaker and Income Breakthrough Strategist, Renee Gambino discusses the dilemma business owners face when they tend to stay in that mediocre place because it’s a safe, comfortable place. According to Renee, mediocrity is staying within the status quo. In order to succeed in a crowded marketplace, those wanting success need to stand out and step away from mediocrity.

Renee feels that if everyone could connect with their actual uniqueness, then that would make a difference. This is when potential clients notice them, and that’s when businesses grow.

It can be hard to step into the uncomfortable and Renee excels at helping business owners navigate these rocky waters and attain more success than they’ve ever had. She skillfully helps them steer away from the negotiable mindset where they base their business’ value on lowering their fees to compete with others, rather than standing by the value they provide and refusing to negotiate.

If you’ve gotten into the downward negotiating spiral in the mistaken belief that this will help your business survive, listen to a better point of view that will change your mindset and improve your bottom line.

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