Revolutionary New Fuel Treatment Shows Promise in Preventing The Growing Threat of Bio-Tar Contamination Biofuel Systems

Wilmington, DE, April 20, 2021 – Fuel Right® the maker of next-generation fuel system treatments, today unveiled a breakthrough solution that appears to prevent the buildup of damaging “Bio-Tar” deposits found in biofuel-based systems with the launch of Fuel Right PBT™.

The founder of Fuel Right®, Bob Tatnall, stated: “With growing use of biofuels, there is a serious increase in system fouling and damage due to a new form of contamination, a black, tarry substance that some in the industry call Bio-Tar. Unlike typical sludge formed by bacteria and water in fuel, Bio-Tar is believed to be formed by bacteria and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) found in biofuels. No additives have been shown to stop Bio-Tar, until now with ‘Fuel Right PBT™”.

Mr. Tatnall also stated: “Fuel Right’s® flagship line of proprietary filming amine treatments has been extensively lab tested and proven to prevent sludge, fouling and corrosion in fuel systems, and Fuel Right PBT™ is an extension of decades of experience and research & development. The Bio-Tar problem is only going to increase as demand for biofuels grows, and Fuel Right® is proud to be at the forefront of helping to eliminate this issue.”

To finalize the release of this product, Fuel Right® is looking for a limited number of industry field partners to assist in the field testing of Fuel Right PBT™, at no charge to the field test partners.

“Bio-Tar is quickly becoming a serious issue, causing serious damage, and we want to work with as many biofuel users who are desperately searching for a solution. We see this field test partnership as a win-win for all involved, and are excited to connect with as many companies as possible with this program” says Bob Gatchel, National Sales Director for Fuel Right®.

About Fuel Right®

For over 25 years, Fairville Products, Inc. has produced a wide range of cutting-edge of Fuel Right® fuel additives that solve some of the most serious fuel system problems. Fuel Right® products are used extensively in the transportation, marine, heavy machinery, construction, home heating and fuel service industries.

Companies interested in becoming a Fuel Right PBT™ field test partner, contact Bob Gatchel, National Sales Director at (302) 425-4400 or for a customized evaluation & consultation. Learn more about the products & services offered by Fuel Right® at