Richie Norton – Author of The Power Of Starting Something Stupid On Starting To Live And Following Your Dreams

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with author Richie Norton about his book “The Power Of Starting Something Stupid”. Richie is an entrepreneur that has a sourcing business, consulting business as well as being an in demand speaker and personality. Richie inspires people to Start that Stupid idea and follow their passions, even if everyone around them thinks they are crazy. He empowers people to start to live and create businesses that are fun and financially rewarding.

Richie encourages people to get their story out through being a podcast guest and together with John Lee Dumas created Podcast Guest Mastery.

Listen as Richie Norton shares some best practices for building your brand and your story and feel the passion when he tells his own story that has had such a big impact on his life and outlook.

Richie Norton is above all a Happy Guy and lives a life of purpose. To find out more about Richie and his book “The Power of Starting Something Stupid” and to get resources mentioned in the interview, visit:

Neil Howe & Craig Williams

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