Rob Thomson, Estate Planning Attorney, Shares 5 Essential Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know About How to Choose the Right Insurance and Agent to Create Peace of Mind Asset Protection

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Nina Hershberger, Estate Planning Attorney, Rob Thomson, shared the one simple thing that creates peace of mind for his clients – easily and without great expense.

Unlike many other estate planners who just create trust and power of attorney documents for clients, Thomson knows that in many cases a family can face bankruptcy because they were not adequately protected to cover their day to day living expenses if there’s a disability or death in the family. Which is why he is a strong advocate of getting the right insurance as part of an estate plan to cover those expenses if the unthinkable happens.

“With a combination of term and permanent life insurance my clients don’t have to worry how they’ll pay the mortgage, buy groceries, or send their kids to school or daycare,” explains Thomson.

Seeing a real need in the marketplace for seasoned insurance professionals with the skill, knowledge, and a wide variety of carriers to choose from, Thomson started a second business: an independent insurance agency (My Insight 4 Life) staffed with agents with a minimum of 15 years in the business.

“Clients do not have to use the agency,” Thomson shares. “But they know I’ve vetted all the agents we hire.  Insurance is a low barrier to entry business.  Many agents hired by companies are gone within a year so having a agency with over 15 years of experience is a real benefit to my clients.  And since our agency can place policies with many different carriers they truly are working for the client – not just a single carrier.”

Houston-based insurance agency  “My Insight For Life” prides itself on giving clients easy, tailor-made solutions that address their specific problems and unique circumstances.

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