Santa Rosa SEO Company Launches New Website

Currier Marketing, a Santa Rosa-based SEO company, has launched their new website which is designed to promote the company’s portfolio and services. The site features a blog with articles about marketing trends, industry insights, and news. It also includes a full list of partners that work together with Currier Marketing to provide clients with exceptional service.

In addition to the launch of their revamped site, they are offering all local Sonoma County businesses complimentary site audits & consultations. They aim to help elevate the local economy by helping their fellow businesses expand, attract new customers & clients, and scale beyond their local neighborhoods by leveraging digital marketing & search engine optimization (SEO).

At a recent conference for entrepreneurs, Josh Currier, founder of Currier Marketing, spoke about recent and upcoming search engine updates. When asked about what business owners can do to prepare, Josh replied, “Every business should at least understand how search engines work, and how their website performs in search engine results. This is why we aim to educate each one of our clients, who we look at as our partners. Understand how search engines work, and then make sure your website and online presence are aligned to perform within those systems.”

Google, for instance, is in the process of rolling out its Core Web Vitals update which gives a relative boost to websites that perform well in terms of speed, loading, and usability. Local businesses can ensure they meet these requirements by working with a company like Currier Marketing.

To take advantage of their complimentary offer, Sonoma County businesses can simply visit their website at to learn more.

About Currier Marketing: Currier Marketing helps local businesses scale with effective marketing systems that leverage market-leading SEO, Paid Advertising, high-converting websites, and sales automation. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Currier Marketing has helped hundreds of local businesses since 2014.

Location Info:
Currier Marketing
4112 Calloway Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95409