Selwyn Whitehead – San Francisco Bay Bankruptcy Attorney on Getting Help To Reorganize Debt or Liquidate

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with California Bankruptcy Attorney Selwyn Whitehead on helping people with their debt problems.

Selwyn helps consumers looking to save their homes or other major assets and Small business owners looking to salvage what they can from their stalled enterprises.

One of the first problems is admitting that there is a problem and to stop digging the hole. Whitehead says there are 2 main solutions. Reorganizing Debt and Liquidation.

Listen in as Selwyn goes through the options for individuals and business owners to get the best outcome from their tough financial situation. Having the right person on your side can offer hope when you think all hope is lost.

Selwyn D. Whitehead Esq. is a San Francisco Bay Area bankruptcy and tax attorney whose practice focuses on helping her clients manage their wealth through effective estate and tax planning and/or manage their debt through debt restructuring or bankruptcy. Selwyn also helps her clients facing foreclosure and represents clients with emotionally and financially “taxing” issues before the Franchise Tax Board, the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court.

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4650 Scotia Avenue, Oakland, California 94605

Phone:  510.632.7444


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