Sherica Matthews – Answering The Question – “Am I In The Right Relationship?”

In this episode, Jack talks with Sherica Matthews, creator of Feminine Success Mastery about how she helps successful women answer the question, “Am I in the right relationship?”

In today’s society, the word Success is often thought of in terms of financial, career, or academic achievement. Sherica Matthews is a Certified Relationship Coach who other women that have reached this type of “professional” success turn to when they find that “personal” success eludes them, specifically in their romantic relationships.

Beyond her passion and deep understanding of the human psyche, Sherica has a distinct advantage that sets her apart in her field… She’s also a trained Electrical Engineer with a Master’s Degree and over 15 years of experience as a project manager.

Listen in as Sherica applies her concrete and logic-based perspective to emotionally charged relationship issues. It won’t take long to see why CEOs, entrepreneurs, engineers, and other high achieving women choose her to help them reach their full potential in personal relationship success.

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