Sherry Auble, Founder of Savvy Women & Wealth, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing The Power of Targeted Marketing

Sherry Auble discusses the power of targeted marketing: Unleashing the potential of your brand.

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Every successful brand has its own unique voice. It’s the tone of communication used to express a message in a way that resonates with the target audience and builds an emotional connection between them and the brand. The brand voice should be consistent across all channels and platforms, allowing customers to recognize it instantly and feel connected to it.

When finding a brand voice, consistency is key. It’s important to make sure that the language, tone, and messaging are consistent across all channels used for marketing. This will help create a recognizable voice that customers will be able to identify when they come into contact with a brand.

In addition, it’s important to consider the target audience when crafting a unique brand voice. It should reflect their interests, values, and needs. Consider the language used when discussing a brand or products, and look for ways to incorporate those into people’s own content. Additionally, be sure to research industry trends in order to make sure that the messaging is up-to-date and relevant.

Finally, targeted marketing can help to ensure that the right people are seeing and hearing the brand’s voice. Targeting specific groups or demographics will be able to increase the likelihood of making a strong impression and effectively reaching decision-makers. Additionally, targeted marketing can help to identify where customers are in their buying journey so that people can tailor the messaging accordingly.

Sherry shared: “Discovering a unique and powerful brand voice is essential to ensuring success and longevity for a business. Through targeted marketing, you can maximize the potential of a brand voice and build a strong connection with customers. With a consistent, engaging message, people will be able to foster loyalty and create a lasting impression in customers’ minds.”

About Sherry Auble

Sherry grew up in a struggling blue-collar family where money was scarce and at times, nonexistent. But she was determined to create a better and more fulfilling life for herself and she has been able to do that with the gift of perseverance and resilience. She has had her share of knocks, but always gets up and pushes on. She thinks it’s that kind of determination that enabled her to work for premier Wall Street firms and Fortune 500 companies in business development. In fact, one of her greatest accomplishments was growing a financial advisory practice from the ground up to a $25 million portfolio of high-net-worth clients. She learned a lot about the fundamentals of building a successful online business and that’s what she wants to do for today’s women entrepreneurs through her new Savvy Women’s Business Academy.

Today, her mission is to take all her training, experience, talents, and gifts to help women entrepreneurs overcome the common obstacles and challenges of business while learning the best practices to grow and scale to 6 figures and beyond!

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