Sivonnia DeBarros Founder and Principle Attorney of SL DeBarros Law Firm LLC

Sivonnia represents first-generation business owners, women, and professional athletes in business through education, support and guidance so that they can create sustainable business that will help them in securing and leaving a great legacy.

Like many in business, DeBarros had challenges. After several years of practice, DeBarros discovered that she was losing interest and her passion was no longer being ignited. To find her passion in hopes of allowing her to live her purpose through legal representation, DeBarros began thinking about who she was at her core. She’s a first-generational lawyer and law business owner, woman in business and a former track and field Division-I College athlete.

From that moment, DeBarros knew she had to represent individuals engaged in business who fell within those categories since those particular classes of people are often left without necessary support and guidance.

Additionally, DeBarros is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and published author.

She authored “The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act: the Roadblocks to Recovery” published in Chicago-Kent College Of Law’s Seventh Circuit’s Review Law Journal, and recently published the new Children’s Book, “JoJo Learns About Credibility,” which is the first book of her new Children Series, “JoJo’s Legal Adventures.”

DeBarros is now working on her first book, “What Are You Sporting About,” to educate aspiring, current and former professional athletes in business. This book is expected to launch in May 2020.

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