SONYA NAGY: Do You Speak the Language of Your Soul?

Sonya Nagy: Are You Speaking the Same Language as Your Soul?
What if You’re Not!?

So what do most people do when the don’t know their Soul Language?

They chase their dreams. They strategize day and nights. They struggle constantly. They throw money at things trying to make their outside world better… without changing their inside world. They’re chasing rainbows instead of realizing the gold is within them.
The top 2% go about it in a different way. An easier way.

Before I tell you how to do it, I want you to answer a few tricky questions – Why does this ___ always happen to me? Am I manifesting this myself? Is my outer world a reflection of my inner world?

Most people fall into the conventional trap, victimhood.

What ends up happening is they throw a ton of time, money and energy forcing outcomes instead of manifesting with grace and ease.

They chase after external goals without listening to what their soul is telling them or cleaning up their inner resources.

When it comes to courses, books and events, if you’re not internalizing the information and connecting in with your Soul Language then it will lead to a lot of empty outcomes.

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