Stantisha Kemp, Founder/CEO of Kemp Accounting

Stantisha Kemp, Founder/CEO of Kemp Accounting Business Authority Radio

Enriching leaders to grow through innovation, education, and strategy.

Kemp Accounting is a full-service firm that supports those professionals and accomplished individuals who are transferring their corporate expertise into the world of entrepreneurship, as well as the small to medium sized business owner needing a CFO caliber agency using industry best practices.

A seasoned entrepreneur herself, Stantisha brings first-hand experience to help her clients and partners avoid the pitfalls that challenge a thriving business. Certainly the Entrepreneur’s CPA.

Kemp lead us on a personal journey of trial to triumph, with a deep heartfelt discovery of how her faith, character, and the business of finance management helped her through one of the darkest times in her life, which enables her to progressively assist her clients to the right balance sheet on and off the ledger. In this epic journey, Kemp reflects on those pillars of innovation, education, and strategy that have built her sustainable practice today.

To learn more, visit:

280 Interstate North Circle SE
Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30339
Office:  (678) 606-5123

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