Stephen Weisberg – Southfield MI Tax Attorney on Resolving Delinquent Tax Debts With The IRS and State Authorities

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Southfield, MI tax attorney Stephen Weisberg. Stephen is a well known tax attorney in the Detroit area who specializes in resolving delinquent tax debts with the IRS or state taxing authorities. Stephen helps many self-employed individuals such as truck drivers, real estate agents, general contractors etc. Business owner clients range from one man operations to multi-million dollar companies. Tax debts he helps to resolve include outstanding income taxes as well as delinquent business payroll taxes.

Listen as Weisberg discusses some of the misconceptions and common mistakes business owners make that can get them in trouble with the IRS and what some possible outcomes can be if you know how to communicate with the most powerful collection agency in the country.

Weisberg warns, “Not all tax firms are looking out for your best interests. It is not a misconception to say that there are a large number of tax firms marketing their services with sales people who do really subpar work. They are in the business of selling services, not providing tax relief.”

Stephen Weisberg and his firm The W Tax Group concentrate solely on helping people resolve delinquent tax debts from all across the country.

To find out more about Stephen Weisberg and The W Tax Group, visit:

The W Tax Group

400 Galleria Officentre Suite 210

SouthfieldMI 48034


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