Suzanna Kennedy Releases “Sacred Union: Ascending to a 5D Paradise” – A Guide to Self-Realization

Drawing upon her decades of experience in guiding thousands towards an elevated state of consciousness, Suzanna offers a profound and comprehensive manual for awakening. The book is a heartfelt invitation to embark on a journey of returning to wholeness and realizing the paradise that exists within.

“Sacred Union: Ascending to a 5D Paradise” stands out as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, combining eloquent prose with profound truths and actionable practices. It serves as a catalyst for transformation, addressing all aspects of being – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

In her book, Suzanna gracefully leads readers through the veil of illusion, assisting them in dissolving the barriers to their inner divinity. With every page, readers are reminded of their birthright: a life of unbounded joy, love, and abundance is available to all who seek it.

Here is what Dr. William Spady, Father of OBE, International Leadership Expert, had to say about Suzanna’s new book:

“Rarely does the first page of a book shout out to me, “Read the rest of the book – now!  It’s too important to put down.”  Well, that’s what happened, and more, because the more I read the more its content matched what I’m planning to share and develop in a unique spiritually focused leadership course I’m about to launch.

Suzanna calls that first page Radiant One, and it eloquently spells out the manifested reality of who each of us really is as a Source-embodied human – a being radiating the love, joy, wisdom, and peace of the Avatar Master that we are inside.  Her mission, the focus of the book, and our splendid opportunity is to birth that Divine Human in ourselves by dispelling, dissolving, and releasing all of dramas and traumas of our 3D lives that have distorted and masked its underlying essence.  I fully resonate with the core of her work…”

After cultivating the inner sacred union, Suzanna teaches readers how to express their divine essence and co-create a personal paradise on Earth. This book is a vital resource for anyone at the beginning of their spiritual awakening, as well as those advancing on their path to mastery.

“Sacred Union: Ascending to a 5D Paradise” is now available to the public. It is a portal to transformation, an invitation to unlock your highest potential within, and a guide to living with fullness and joy. Join Suzanna Kennedy on this sacred journey and embrace the paradise that awaits within.

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About the Author:

Suzanna Kennedy is recognized as a visionary leader in spiritual and personal empowerment. Her commitment to helping others discover their innate power and potential has established her as a beloved guide in the spiritual community. Suzanna’s work as an ascension coach has influenced the lives of thousands worldwide, fostering growth, enlightenment, and the highest expression of the true self.