Tana Daughtrey – Life Coach For Attorney’s On Her 5 Step Meltdown Preventative Process

In this interview, Tana Daughtrey shares how she helps attorneys who are stressed out and on the road to a meltdown regain their life and their passion for law.

Tana worked as a practicing attorney in Houston, Texas, for 38 years.  For 31 of those years she worked in the Law Department for a Fortune 100 multi-national oil & gas company.  Her passion to help other attorneys avoid burnout came when she was faced with her own health crisis and had to make drastic changes. The lessons she learned about a balanced life as an attorney make her the perfect attorney’s life coach.

Tana received her law degree from the University of Texas.  She received her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Houston.  Tana also trained as a mediator completing courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Over the years Tana has guided and mentored numerous individuals while working at her places of employment.

​To learn more, contact Tana at TanaDaughtrey220@gmail.com. Or schedule a free call with her on her LinkedIn account.

Nina Hershberger

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