Teresa Kaplan – Beyond Therapy For Releasing Limiting Beliefs To Unlock Your Full Potential

In this episode, Jack talks with Psychotherapist turned Transformational Teacher, Healer, and Mentor Teresa Kaplan.

Why is it so easy for smart, ambitious people to stay stuck in patterns that continue to hold them back? Sometimes we can recognize these patterns, and sometimes we can’t.

Have you ever felt like you want to change, feeling the strong need to make something happen because you know that life should be better, but you just don’t know what or how to begin? You just know that you are struggling inside and need to do something.

Teresa Kaplan is passionate about helping her clients create positive change from the inside out, allowing them to shift long-held patterns and issues that keep them stuck so that they can create deep change in a real way that is authentic to their calling.

As an advocate for alternative, highly effective modalities that go beyond traditional therapy, Teresa began using energy work in her private psychotherapy practice in 2008. In 2016, she shifted from traditional therapy to the cutting-edge energy healing modalities she uses today.

Working with hundreds of clients has allowed Teresa to gain a deep understanding of the hidden ways we accidentally sabotage ourselves and our lives. Her mission is to help others unlock their full potential by clearing the mental obstacles standing in the way.

If you feel burned out, stuck, frustrated, insecure, or lost about your next-level life purpose, or you have a vision but are overwhelmed and don’t know how to get there, this episode is for you.

To learn more about Teresa Kaplan, visit https://connectwithteresa.com.