Tom Force – Creator of ICE Medical Cards and ICE Keytags

Imagine the devastating feeling when you find out your loved one has been in the ER for hours and you didn’t know. Think of all the sleepless nights, worrying about your children when they’re out late at night. And what would you do if you lost your keys?

All of these are horrific scenarios, but Tom Force, the creator of the I.C.E. Medical Card and the I.C.E. Key Tag, shares with Jack how he can help alleviate most of these problems.

The loved one in the ER for hours? That was Tom’s mother. The children out late at night? That was Tom’s daughter.

These real life scenarios got him thinking about how he could have avoided such situations. He came up with, first the I.C.E. Key Tag and most recently, the I.C.E. Medical Card.

I.C.E. stands for In Case of Emergency and is a term that is very familiar to EMTs (emergency medical technicians), first responders and emergency room personnel in hospitals everywhere. It is a term used to denote someone with a phone number to call when there is an emergency that happens to you.
Of course, most people don’t think of themselves in such a situation. They worry about their loved ones, as Tom did.

Tom shares with Jack how he created these I.C.E. devices and how they work. He presents many scenarios that would not be top of mind to most people, which would be easily addressed with his devices.

If you care about what might happen to your loved ones when they’re not with you, you definitely want to learn more about the I.C.E. Medical Card and Key Tag.

This interview also includes some interesting marketing strategies that Tom is using to continue to build his growing business.

At the end of the day, Tom Force wants to help others and his company is doing just that.

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