Wealth and Finance Authority Kimberly Wright Helping People Establish Financial Security By Flipping Mindsets

Ms. Wright is hailed as the Queen of Consumer and Business credit strategies, because of her no-nonsense approach to dominating in  an industry that has ordinarily been off-limits or unattainable to certain demographics.  Ms. Wright has adopted the mantra of, “people perish because of lack of knowledge”.  Her life’s work has become:  to mentor, encourage, and educate people, by providing the necessary tools and resources so that they may excel in every business endeavor.

One of the main points that sets Ms. Wright apart from all of the other so-called business credit and financial gurus, is that she leaves no stone uncovered.  She provides the “full recipe for success”, unlike other teachers in the financial space, that keep teaching the same re-hashed or re-packaged versions of the same information.  She teaches you how to properly structure your business, and explains the reasons why.  In addition to assisting with obtaining funding and capital, Ms. Wright stresses the importance of wealth creation and asset protection.  Essentially she has mastered the art of bridging two very different financial packages.

In 2021, JumpStart Central LLC., is poised to take their Financial Literacy Program and Business to Business services national, by hosting live workshops and virtual summits, in which attendees can glean from the Queen’s carefully crafted curriculum, where knowledge leads to application, and application leads to success.

From boutiques, to food trucks, Ms. Kimberly Wright is empowering individuals and businesses nationwide to be intentional and in control of their business and financial trajectory.