Women In Wealth Management, Marcia Meredith Shares “How to Get A Seat At The Table.”

In the world of the have and the have not’s, money, wealth, and power are the continued era of our time. We have financial planners, advisors, hedge funds & managers, traders, stockbrokers, wealth managers, all groomed to manage the mighty dollar and every other form of currency known to man.

Marcia Meredith has been in the Wealth Management space for the latter of her financial career these last 11 years. Marcia says, “She does not think she has seen it all but has seen a lot from greed to striptease, theft, fraud, forgery, cutthroat, and circumvention. She recalled that if she had not been lied to 15 times by 9 am in 2011; she had not been on the phone long enough. “War rooms and wounds,” she exclaimed, coming along way since then. The relationships, gains, riches have been rewarding, all worth its salt, from the open shores advancing to closed board room doors, late-night handlings, and country club talks.”

As an independent Wealth Asset Manager, Marcia’s journey came at the end of the recession, reinventing herself in the financial arena during summer 2010. Marcia exclaimed she did not choose Wealth Management; the pathway was chosen for her. “I asked for none of it; I remember during the first month I walked away declaring this is crazy. I don’t have time for this.” A month later, “I received a call that was the defining moment realizing this journey was purposely designed for me. I stood still and said Okay, God, I am here.”

“As the sun and moon give us time and seasons, generational wealth has stood as the pillar of ages. So, how does one get a seat at the table in a male-dominated industry?” Marcia continues,

First, identify these key facts:

  1. Aware this is a predominately man’s world, playing a man’s game on his board
  2. Know when to stand down, when to speak and when to shut up.
  3. Understand the invitation sought for the table one seeks and with whom one shall be seated (Know Your Client-KYC)
  4. If invited to the table and requested to stay, maintain position, keep your seat. (The worst thing is having your seat revoked, invite rescinded, then blacklisted) That is the polite way of saying “get out.”

Covering the basics- when at the table, overstand as the woman, we will always be the odd man out, our advantage is we bring perspective, instinct, multi-dimensions as there is no job description for these particular skillsets- technical thinking, book, street, spiritual, language, analysis, logistics, data, full contractual writing with a legal mindset, seasoned wisdom – all these working simultaneously together. One cannot survive without the other while the focus is the targeted objective, mitigating, negotiating, resolves, troubleshooting; do not kid yourself although the pasture is green, there will be weeds. Every pasture needs a good grooming. The end result is a successful close.”

Marcia Meredith teaches the power of, “10 Successful Ways For Women To Get A Seat At The Table.”

  1. Do more listening than talking.
  2. Be resolution-oriented, do not spend time discussing the problem. Discuss the solution.
  3. Always have a strategic plan – Ensure it is the best plan. What is the best plan? A win/win for everyone.
  4. NO DRAMA. Wealth Management is a specific kind of class, a special kind of grace and etiquette that should be exemplified at all times. Possibility of managing the finances and wealth of royal families, heritage and trust fund babies, country dignitaries’ sultans, fortune 100 billionaires, Single Family Offices, and those not listed in Forbes who disdain the thought; their fortunes are so long there is not enough space on the screen to count the zeros; microchips are issued, yes, I said it. Sorry, I let that secret out—no more secret exposure.
  5. Never get emotional; be bold, brave. Cry in the car.
  6. Sorry Gentlemen, Women think better than a man.
  7. Coachable, teachable.
  8. Never misrepresent; tell the truth even when the answer is unknown. Acknowledge weakness while recognizing room to grow by asking for mentorship in a specific area.
  9. Maintain integrity. Never compromise morals, honor, and loyalty for any deal/transaction. Keep in mind; tests are always administered. Can we trust you? The core of you will bleed through like an unsober man tells no lies.
  10. Remain professional. Women overstand when the Net 9 or 10 figures come to the table, do not change your voice into a seductress, seducing mode. It is the quickest way to get terminated before getting started. Witnessed too many times. Marcia has seen them come and seen them go, has remained the only woman at the table making boss moves, and recommendations other women searching for a new niche on the global scene can also perform if acquiring a seat at the table.

Determining the next move in this ever-changing climate can be challenging, overstand, currency movement will not change, and generational wealth building is on the rise. Research, conduct due diligence, consider a career in finance. Finance is vast, with many options unexposed to young minds growing up. Still, given the options, opportunities, and exposure, there are many financial positions available to create diversity in gender and color that can control futures and navigate destiny.
For more information on Marcia Meredith, see www.rosdimere.com.