Women’s Empowerment Expert Anjani Amriit Launches her 5 Shifts to Overcome Self Sabotage and Step into Your Power Program

At birth, we are given a social identity based on our gender. Societies commonly expect women to play a nurturing and caring role and look after the family unit.  As a result, women who spend their time and energy building a business can often experience an internal conflict between their family roles and expectations, and that of their business. This can impact their business or company’s performance. Social expectations and identity can be critical barriers for women business owners. 

Most trainers, business coaches, speakers, and mentors focus on external goal setting and strategies to stimulate growth. However, this doesn’t address the inner self-doubt that women entrepreneurs feel about their own abilities when it comes to business. Women business owners are often carrying an unconscious gender bias against themselves.

Unconscious bias is a belief or attitude we have about ourselves or others without being aware of it. The United Nations Human Development Report in 2020 revealed that 86% of women hold at least one bias ‘against women’ in relation to politics, economics, education, violence or reproductive rights.

This feminine leadership program supports women business owners to access free training to rewire their own unconscious gender-biased settings and shift beyond social convention. As a result, they become more confident and productive, and stand out as the trusted go-to providers in their industries. The objective of this training program is to educate and inform women how to identify and change their internal attitude about their own abilities and worthiness. When women entrepreneurs learn how to break any unconscious bias they are holding against themselves, they are better equipped to position themselves for success.

A lack of professional networks, male-dominated workplaces, or even lifestyle choices aren’t the only factors holding women back in business. The unseen barrier is their own unconscious self-defeating stories. This program is a dynamic accelerator for women business owners to re-wire their internal settings and redefine what success looks like to them, to achieve personal and business growth,” says Anjani Amriit.

Anjani hopes that women business owners will take advantage of her feminine leadership program to help them radically transform the way they define themselves, own their seat at the corporate table and grow a successful business based on their own terms. She believes that women can carve out a new space in the business realm by taking advantage of what makes them different from their male counterparts and leading with this.

About Anjani Amriit

Anjani Amriit is the go-to expert for women business owners ready to break the mold and carve out success on their own terms. An international bestselling author and in-demand speaker, she instills confidence, builds conscious leadership, and inspires success in women through strategic coaching, corporate training, and concise communications.

She is regularly featured on TV, radio as well as print and digital media around the world. Anjani has shared the stage with senators, notable dignitaries, and celebrities.

Recent media appearances include Ticker News, ABC Radio, Inside Small Business, Law Society Journal, and Companies Digest. 

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