Jeff Bonaldi: How to Build a Business You Love Without Quitting Your Day Job

Jeff is the Founder & CEO of The Explorer’s Passage (TEP). Jeff’s objective is to use his organization to help tackle the world’s most important social, political, and environmental issues through adventure travel experiences across the planet. TEP partners with the world’s leading visionaries and institutions to provide travelers with a more immersive and impactful travel experience so that guests have the opportunity to transform their lives through the power of adventure. He believes that business can and should be used as a force for good in the world. Previously, Jeff spent 15 years in leadership roles in sales and investment management within the global financial industry at both Merrill Lynch and Citibank. He participated on various industry advisory boards, and as part of a team appointed by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York tasked to create a more stringent risk management industry framework following the global financial crisis. Jeff is a contributing editor for Entrepreneur Magazine.

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