Mike Bausch: How to Turn Your Passion into Profit and Help People Along the Way

Mike Bausch is president of The World Pizza Champions and one of 40 co-authors of the bestselling new book, The Pursuit of Pizza: Recipes from The World Pizza Champions. Bausch is a recognized industry leader whose restaurant, Andolini’s Pizzeria, is a top-ten pizzeria in the US, as named by TripAdvisor, BuzzFeed, CNN, and USA Today. […]

Grant Wattie: How To Create The Business You Want Through A Transformed Marriage

Grant Wattie is a former world-renowned portrait photographer who’s become a mentor and coach. He specializes in guiding couples and entrepreneurs through the trials of troubled marriages and unfulfilled lives, empowering them to achieve business success and lasting love. As the founder of the Million-Dollar Marriage™ Program, he’s assisted over 5,000 individuals. Grant’s inspiring journey […]

Gayle Gruenberg: How to Get Organized for Your Best Life and Work Balance

Gayle is the Chief Executive Organizer of Let’s Get Organized, LLC. She is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, author of “Get the Big O: Organized! 7 Steps to Achieving Calm, Clarity, and Control in Your Space, Mind – and Life!” and the organizing expert with the lifestyle brand Change Your Attitude, Change Your […]

Carolyn Pistone: How to Use Your Business As a Force for Good

Carolyn is a committed Earthling dedicated to saving the planet using her real estate license! Carolyn is the President and Managing Director at Clear Blue Commercial. She has held numerous senior positions in the entertainment, real estate, and hi-tech industries. These experiences have inspired her to work to build a supportive, innovative, and collaborative environment […]

Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi: How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Diseases

Pratiksha Gandhi MD is a world-renowned preventive heart care expert, author, speaker, and researcher with a mission to prevent heart attacks and eradicate cardiovascular diseases. She helps people with drug-free and non-surgical alternatives for heart health through online and in-person programs along with her team in San Diego. Learn more at: gffpc.org

Robin Miles: How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Achieve Breakthrough Results

Robin Miles is a High Performance Coach and Strategist focused on helping executives, leaders & their teams navigate complex professional, personal & performance challenges through enhanced collaborative leadership to achieve breakthrough results for both individuals and teams. Learn more at: inspiremeconsulting.com.au

Ken Countess: How to Crush It With Email Marketing

Ken Countess is an internationally recognized, accredited expert on Email Marketing. He’s an award‐winning marketer and business coach, and has been Constant Contact’s Top Worldwide Trainer/Partner for many years. Learn more at: KENisEMAIL.com


Elaine Williams: How to Captivate the Crowd On Camera

Elaine Williams is a video performance coach and comedian who has over a decade of experience working with entrepreneurs to build confidence and a captivating presence on camera to get their message out in the world with authenticity, ease and humor. Some of her credits include: Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, HBO, TV Networks, […]

Debera Jensen: How to Recover from Trauma and Create Positive Change Easily

Debera Jensen is a 30-year health and trauma coach whose personal experience led her to specialize in trauma recovery. She was one of the first to promote brain regeneration through neuroplasticity. Debera helps people recovering from trauma to boost focus, productivity, financial success, and goal achievement. Learn more at: yourfocusedsuccess.com

Shawn Shewchuk: How to Get Better Results in Less Time

With a successful track record of delivering results to over 12,500 clients, over 7,000 media appearances and numerous accolades, Shawn is considered the “Go-To” for those entrepreneurs, high achievers and leaders who are driven to achieve more and collapse time frames. Learn more at: changeyourresults.com

Amiee Boswinkle: How to Overcome Trauma, PTSD, and Addictions

Amiee Boswinkle helps people who have survived trauma, PTSD, and addictions to create peace within their minds so they find it in their life. She is a B.A. Psychology, Certified Health and Life Coach, Certified RMT and Certified Master Level NLP Practitioner.

Elizabeth Mucci: How to Overcome Unresolved Health Issues Naturally

As a scientist, nutritionist and herbalist with a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and over 23 years experience as a clinician and teacher, Elizabeth has helped thousands of patients start their families, manage chronic illness, lose weight, gain hormonal balance and overcome a range of unresolved health issues. Learn more at: lifeontheinside.com.au

Brittni Schroeder: How to Scale Your Business Systems to Six Figures and Beyond

Brittni Schroeder is a Business Coach and Marketing Strategist. She helps coaches automate their business, create systems, convert funnels, and scale to six figures and beyond. Brittni worked as a High School Senior photographer for over 10 years. She also owned and operated Mozi Magazine up until 2017. Her work has been featured in The […]

Kerrie Denton: How to Quickly Boost Your Motivation and Mindset

Kerrie Denton is an Australian Award Winning Women’s Empowerment Coach & Mindset Mentor. She is a professional author, motivational speaker, and  an International Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach. She is a global leader in personal growth & transformation. Learn more at: kerriedenton.com.au

Joe Evangelisti: How to Invest in Real Estate’s Hidden Gold Mine

Joe Evangelisti was once known as “the flip king” of real estate before he discovered the overlooked profits hiding in the self-storage industry. He’s gone from flipping over 100 homes per year to making 10x more in profits from only doing 5-10 storage deals per year. In addition to self-storage investing, Joe is also an […]

JM Ryerson: How to Lead Your Team to Peak Performance

JM Ryerson is a Leadership & Performance Coach, International Speaker, host of the Let’s Go Win podcast, and Best Selling Author of the books “Let’s Go Win”, “Champion’s Daily Playbook”, and “Upgrade”. JM has been building companies and leading sales teams for over 20 years, and is the founder and CEO of Let’s Go Win […]

Ron Reich: How to Inspire with Vision and Lead with Mission

Ron Reich has 30 years of training and development and consulting experience. has worked for major organizations such as Toshiba, The Chubb Corporation, and Organon Pharmaceuticals. He has have done consulting work in many industries including medical, assisted living facilities, manufacturing, high tech, retail, pharmaceuticals and banking. Learn more at: linkedin.com/inron-reich7809839

Judith Pinkerton: How to Release the Healing Power of Music Therapy

Judith Pinkerton was honored by the Academy of Country Music with their first Lifting Lives Honor award. She is a music therapy clinician, internship director, author, TEDx speaker, trainer, and recording artist. The first to receive a music therapy license, Judith has more than 30 years of experience working with more than 11,000 patients in […]

Lia Dunlap: How to Harness the Power of Purpose for a Prosperous Business

Lia Dunlap is the Oracle on Purpose. With over 25 years of experience as an Intuitive Business Architect, she has guided thousands of clients in 76 countries to find their divine path to Purpose & Prosperity. She is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Creator of the POWER Plan Life Coaching Program. Learn more at: oracleonpurpose.com

Andre Gonsalves: How to Attract More Clients with Authenticity and Empathy

Andre Gonsalves is a creative entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. He runs a coaching business called Expert Coaches that helps coaches, course creators and experts get clients using social media. And the message he wants to share with the world is: “Stop hiding.” Learn more at: expertcoaches.co

Doug Wright: How to Develop Your Never Give Up Attitude

Doug Wright survived a head-on collision, was trapped for 3 1/2 hours, and was eventually rescued. Ultimately he was forced to have his injured leg amputated. Despite these traumatic experiences, Doug emerged with a passionate for helping people overcome their innermost fears (especially when recovering from trauma). As a coach and motivational speaker, Doug lived […]

Mike Skrypnek: How Men Can Heal Their Trauma and Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Mike Skrypnek is an international bestseller of nine books, a keynote speaker and sought after business strategist who has shared his insights and wisdom with thousands of passionate purpose driven entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives. His coaching focuses on purpose at the intersection of personal, professional and philanthropic development. Healing our past traumas and reforming […]

Devon Michael Sangiovanni: How a Cute Little Kitten Inspired a Children’s Book

Devon Michael Sangiovanni is author of children’s book “He Loves me! He Truly Loves Me! the Story of Mupsie and Me and How We Came to Be.” He was a children’s Songwriter and studied with a piano prodigy right outside of New York City for 9 years. Devon is a born lyricist and his life […]

Walt Brown: How to Attract Awesome People and Repel the Jerks

Walt Brown is an Organizational Activist, Author, and Coach. His mission in life is the removal of organizational confusion and dysfunction that holds individuals back from being the best they can be at work. In his first life Walt was a seasoned multi-company entrepreneur with a Dot com exit. In his second life he has […]

Julia Lemberskiy: How to Succeed By Choosing the Unconventional Path

Julia Lemberskiy is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and startup executive with over 10 years experience launching and leading business lines at companies like Uber and Rocket Internet. As co-founder of JJ Studio she has helped dozens of hyper-growth startups scale their operations and growth channels and most recently she joined the Venture Capital firm Frontier […]

Seth David Radwell: How to Understand and Overcome Our Political Division

Seth David Radwell is an internationally known business executive with a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude from Columbia University. He served as President of e-Scholastic, the digital arm of the global children’s publishing and education company, and as President […]

Mary Smith: How to Be Your Craziest, Most Authentic Self

Mary Smith, LPC, wants everyone to be able to be their craziest, most authentic selves always. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and cognitive healer, she helps people get there using humor, actionable insights, and personal story-sharing to connect with patients and help heal their personal suffering so their true selves can emerge. Learn more at: […]

Mike Thorne: How to Create and Benefit from Your Own Personal Trust Community

Mike Thorne is known as a transformer whose mission is to restore human dignity to unleash greatness in people. As a former C-level executive of top consumer brands including President of Russell Athletic, President of Yankee Candle, and CEO of a synthetic turf company, Mike is now building a Vistage Worldwide Practice and dedicating his […]

Stephen Shedletzky: How to Be A More Effective, Humble Leader

Stephen Shedletzky supports humble leaders – those who know they are both a part of the problems they experience and the solutions they can create. He has worked alongside optimist and best selling author Simon Sinek since 2011. Stephen also advances his own ideas to help create people and purpose first organizations as a thought […]

Chris Schembra: How to Strengthen Your Client and Team Relationships with Gratitude

Chris Schembra is the founder of the 7:47 Gratitude Experience™ — an evidence-based framework used to strengthen client and team relationships in profound ways. He’s used the principles of gratitude to spark over 500,000 relationships around the dinner table, serving Fortune 50 CEO’s, Olympians, Academy Award winners, Grammy Award winning #1 recording artists, Super Bowl […]

Bishal Sarkar: How to Become a More Powerful Speaker and Communicator

For past 14 years, Bishal Sarkar has been a real-world public speaker and life mastery mentor who has been speaking on stages around for some of the biggest companies in the world including Microsoft, Apple, CISCO, IBM etc. Many of the fortune 500 companies in the world hire him to train their top leaders to […]

Bob Gower: How to Radically Align and Lead Your Team

Bob Gower is Managing Partner of The Alignment Company. He’s an authority on agile software development, lean theory, and responsive organizational design. He has advised leaders at companies like GE, Slack, Wikimedia, and Spotify. He’s the author of the books: Agile Business and Radical Alignment. Learn more at: alignmentco.com

Noa Ronen: How to Be the Leader You Desire to Be

Noa Ronen, coach, author, speaker and coffee lover brings more than 20 years of experience in Change Management, Human Resources, and coaching. Her first experience as a leadership coach was when she served in the Israeli Navy, helping officers learn how to lead by example and walk their talk. Noa “enCourages” leaders and their teams […]

Jay Jay French: How to Build a “Twisted Business” Like a Rock Star

Jay Jay French started Twisted Sister, the internationally-renowned heavy metal band, nearly 50 years ago and has amassed 37 gold and platinum albums as a musician, manager, producer and executive producer while having performed over 9,000 shows in 40 countries selling 20 million records around the world. Jay Jay is a rock star, but he […]

Dane Espegard: How to Create a “Dream Achieving” Culture

Dane Espegard is a culture consultant who teaches, assists and executes the implementation of a Culture centered around Dream Achieving. The system is bottom-up and puts the emphasis on the development and personal lives of the team member. Dane works with companies in a very simple manner to get the culture started and leaves them […]

Sean Michael Crane: How to Escape Your Personal Prison

At 23, Sean Michael Crane was sentenced to 7 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Today, he is a life coach with an incredible story of perseverance and determination. Sean has used his hardships and life experience to reach others and inspire them to conquer their fears and pursue the life they […]

Dr. Sonia Gupte: How to Fix What’s Broken and Reclaim Your True Health

Dr. Sonia Gupte, CHt, is a family medicine physician, having practiced for 15 years in India, Singapore and Dubai. After discovering the power of the mind to transform the body, she relinquished her stethoscope and is now an internationally-known Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy trainer with clients in over 20 countries. She is the […]

Yuvraj Kapadia: How to Manifest Your Dream Life with the Power of Destructive Transformation

Yuvraj Kapadia is the founder & CEO of the EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation and is widely recognized as India’s topmost hypnotherapist, having undertaken thousands of therapy cases and training programs in clinical hypnotherapy worldwide over more than a decade. Mr. Kapadia is highly sought after worldwide for his workshops, seminars, and training programs that […]

Nir Eyal: How to Become Indistractable, Control Your Attention, and Choose Your Life

Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. Nir previously taught as a Lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. Nir co-founded and sold two tech companies since 2003 and was dubbed by The M.I.T. Technology Review […]

Dr. Denise Gosnell: How to Solve Complex Problems with Data, Not Emotion

As Chief Data Officer of DataStax, Denise Gosnell applies her experiences from within the graph and machine learning industries to drive more informed decisions with data. Most recently, she published the book The Practitioners Guide to Graph Data which illustrates how to apply graph thinking to solve complex problems. Learn more at: twitter.com/DeniseKGosnell

Chris LaFay: How to Easily Leverage Your Best “Unfair” Advantage

Chris LaFay is the founder and CEO of Classic City Consulting, an Atlanta-based web design and development company that partners with businesses across the US. Learn more at: classiccity.com

David Schnurman: How to Be More Fearless and Focused

David Schnurman is the CEO of Lawline, the leading provider of online Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the country. The company recently celebrated serving over 130,000 attorneys with over 3,000,000 courses completed. David is also the past president of Entrepreneurs Organization New York. David is the author of the book “The Fast Forward Mindset: How […]

Brandon Green: How to Pivot and Prosper in the Pandemic Era

Brandon Green is a real estate entrepreneur, Co-Founder of the Keller Williams Capital Properties real estate brokerage organization with 8 offices and 1000 associates in the Washington DC area. He is also an investor in and advisor for several small businesses including businesses in hospitality, technology, and education. Brandon is also a member of YPO.org, […]

John Eades: How to Be the Leader You Are Meant to Be

John Eades is the CEO of LearnLoft, Author of Building the Best, and Host of the Follow My Lead Podcast. Learn more at learnloft.com

Jeff Gothelf: How to Be Forever Employable

Jeff’s work centers around transformation, both in the digital and professional development sense. He is the co-author of the award-winning book Lean UX and the Harvard Business Review Press book Sense & Respond, as well as the upcoming book Forever Employable. Learn more at jeffgothelf.com

Chase Damiano: How to Get Out of the Weeds and Build Your Business Without Breaking It

Chase Damiano is a business coach and consultant, helping founders get out of the weeds. His clients want to accelerate revenue and gross profit and build a well-oiled machine. He helps them achieve it without breaking the organization or breaking themselves. He is a former COO of a venture-backed start-up and ex-Accenture consultant. Learn more […]

Dr. Mike Rucker: How to Harness the Science of Fun to Be Happily Productive

Dr. Mike Rucker is a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Dr. Rucker’s book The Fun Habit, a book offering a practical reframing of positive psychology arguing that we should cultivate fun to bring a greater sense of happiness and joy to our lives, is set to release in 2021. Learn more at michaelrucker.com

Martin Ditto: How to Align Your Business with Your Life’s Work

Martin Ditto is CEO of Ditto Residential, a leading-edge urban design and development company founded in 2008. Martin is passionate about conceptualizing and creating world-class residences and believes we can build livable spaces so powerful that they inspire and change the way people live their daily lives. Currently, the company’s portfolio has a value of […]

Mark Green: How to Lead Through Uncertainty

Mark Green is a speaker, author, strategic advisor and business & leadership growth coach to CEOs and executive teams worldwide. He works with mid-market CEOs who are driven to scale up, but can’t get there fast enough. Mark’s books – “Activators – a CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done” and “Creating a […]


Rob Volpe: How to Win Customer Loyalty by Building Empathy

Rob Volpe is an astute observer of life and a master storyteller who brings empathy and compassion to the human experience. Rob founded Ignite 360 to deliver actionable strategy, grounded in meaningful consumer insights, presented through story and creative ways that drive results. The company consults with many of the world’s leading brands along with […]

Bryan Wish: How to Find Your Path and Drive Your Dream Forward

Bryan Wish is founder of BW Missions, helping visionaries, CEOs, Fortune 500 brands, authors and entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality and connect to the people who care about what they are doing. Simply put, BW Missions builds that path, and guides them along it faster, driving dreams forward with focused content, intentional relationship […]

Sophie Beren: How to Build Better Communities Through Better Conversations

Sophie is a unifier, originally from Wichita, Kansas, and was recently named 25 Under 25 for Social Entrepreneur’s Magazine. She is the Founder & CEO of The Conversationalist, a digital community and content platform, breaking open echo chambers for Gen Z. Learn more at: theconversationalist.com

Lauren Kress: How to Be A Visionary Leader and Changemaker for Growth

Lauren Kress, “The Business Scientist,” is a Youtuber, podcaster and founder of The Change Makers collective, a growth consultancy for visionary leaders. Learn more at: laurenkress.com

Jon Michail: How to Build Your Authentic Personal Brand

Jon Michail is an award winning image consultant and personal branding pioneer who works with business leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers to successfully position, leverage and monetise business and personal objectives with an entrepreneurial and holistic approach. His clients include the Who’s Who of luxury, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, politics and business. Learn more at imagegroup.com.au

Honorée Corder: How to Develop Multiple Streams of Income from Your Bestselling Book

Honorée Corder is an executive and strategic book coach, TEDx speaker, and author of dozens of books including You Must Write a Book. Honorée passionately coaches aspiring non-fiction authors to publish their books to bestseller status, create a platform, and develop multiple streams of income. Learn more at HonoreeCorder.com.

Jeff Bonaldi: How to Build a Business You Love Without Quitting Your Day Job

Jeff is the Founder & CEO of The Explorer’s Passage (TEP). Jeff’s objective is to use his organization to help tackle the world’s most important social, political, and environmental issues through adventure travel experiences across the planet. TEP partners with the world’s leading visionaries and institutions to provide travelers with a more immersive and impactful […]

Danielle Henderson: How to Best Support Kids of Divorce

Danielle Henderson is the Founder and CEO of Kids Soul Speak. She is a passionate advocate for our youth all over the world, and she is driven to support their voices being heard. As an expert Divorce Coach Danielle developed the therapeutic technique “Inner Child Rescue” The life shifting gift that heals our inner child. […]

Kari Schwear: How to Take Control of Your ‘Gray Area’ Drinking

Kari Schwear is a life-learner, a 7x career-path conqueror, speaker, writer, life coach, mom, wife for over 30 years, and an entrepreneur. She’s also a former gray area drinker that was stuck in a place of confusion and wondered how she landed there. Kari found her way out of the gray area, and it’s now […]

Dr. Allen Lycka: How to Face Death and Find a New Life

Dr. Lycka was a world class dermatologist when he was misdiagnosed as having ALS (Lou Gherigs’ disease and was told Ihe had six months to live in 2003.Harriet Tinka was a student at the University of Calgary when she was kidnapped, stabbed and left for dead. Although their experiences were different, they both faced death, […]

Nate Peo: How to Leverage the Power of Networking and Make Real Connections with Real People

Nate Peo is on a mission inspire people to find their calling so that, together, we can make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible. He is able to through the power of personal relationships and shows how in his own podcast, All-In with Nate Peo. Learn more at: natepeo.com

Rachel Richards: How to Successfully Create the Passive Income You Need

Only 27 years old, former financial advisor Rachel Richards has made a name for herself in the personal finance realm. In 2019, Rachel quit her job and retired, with over $10,000 per month in passive income! She is the bestselling author of “Money Honey” and “Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement.” She has been featured on the […]

Laura Juarez: How to Create Purpose-Driven Business Strategy and Conscious Leadership

Laura Juarez is a business consultant, strategist, experienced board chair, mother, and yogi. Her consulting company, Pure Potential, helps leaders and companies create impact-driven strategies and embody conscious leadership. She hosts the Conscious Leadership podcast and authored the book, Ignite Your Impact. Learn more at: laurajuarez.com

Nick Costelloe and Sean Casey: How to Make a Difference With Social Entrepreneurship

Nick & Sean grew up living and breathing soccer. While playing college soccer together, they became best friends. Soon after graduation, they combined their passions of soccer, adventure travel, and giving back to create Universal Dialect – a business that funds the giving of soccer balls to kids around the world. Learn more at universaldialect.com

Brandon Turner: How to Recreate Your Life, Money, and Business

Brandon Turner is an author, personal finance coach and facilitator dedicated to helping people recreate their lives in life, money and business. Learn more at: moneymatterspersonalfinance.com

Tyson Sharpe: How to Let Go of Fear and Feel ‘Enough’ in Business

Tyson’s mission is to raise the level of consciousness for online business owners. Tyson has coached hundreds of online business owners helping them transcend their patterns of fear, doubt, and frustration so they can build a more conscious business as an extension of their personal awakening. Learn more at: tysoncoaching.com

Rich Keller: How to Craft Your Personal Brand in ‘One Word’

As a CATALYST, Rich Keller is a motivational speaker on a mission to transform 1 million lives, ‘One Word’ at a time. With 25 years of branding experience at Nabisco, Kraft and Godiva, along with an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Rich inspires young adults to craft their personal brands […]

Landon Porter: How to Acquire Your Ideal Clients

Landon shows entrepreneurs how to acquire their ideal clients by giving them permission to be themselves. It’s about opening relationships, not closing deals. Learn more at facebook.com/groups/gorillajuice/

Diane Forster: How to Change Your Life by Changing Your Language

Diane Forster is a Bad-Ass Business Woman, Entrepreneur, TV Host, Podcaster, Coach and Keynote Speaker, whose work and message focuses on living the “I HAVE TODAY” Way. She helps people re-invent their lives with powerful processes that create rapid, positive changes. Her clients call her the “Dream Come True Maker!” Learn more at dianeforster.com

Sabrina Keeton: How to Make Healthy, Successful Lifestyle Changes

Sabrina Keeton is a Certified Health Coach of the Integrative Institution of Nutrition one of the largest nutrition schools in the world, certified Reiki II and Yoni Steam Practitioner. Sabrina has supported women and men with lifestyle changes. Sabrina is the owner of Queens United Wholistic Center LLC located in Philadelphia. Learn more at: quwc.info

Brian Ondrako: How to Overcome Your Fear and Just Get Started

Brian Ondrako is the Host of the Just Get Started Podcast which interviews Entrepreneurs and Founders about their unique journeys and how they keep moving forward to achieve ultimate fulfillment. His mission in life is to help our younger generations navigate a better journey that leads to self-discovery at an earlier age. Learn more at […]

Sallie Holder: How to Create Your Success After “Hitting Rock Middle”

Sallie Holder is an award-winning attorney, nationally-recognized public speaker, author, podcaster and business coach who coined the term “Hitting Rock Middle” and developed the “BE BOLDER” strategy for helping people reach their potential. Sallie helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and employees identify what’s getting in their way and how to break down those barriers to success. As […]

Caleb Guilliams: How to Create and Protect Your Wealth

Caleb Guilliams is the founder and CEO of Better Wealth Solutions, a company committed to show people how to be more efficient and control their money today while maximizing their future wealth potential. At an early age, Caleb read every financial book he could get his hands on and was fascinated with the idea of […]

Justin Lafazan: How to Empower the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Justin Lafazan is an entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author, on a mission to empower the next generation of global leaders. He is currently the Co-Founder of Next Gen, an Award-Winning Business Hub. Learn more at: nextgenhq.com

Theresa Stanley: How to Be “All In” in Your Life and Business

Theresa Stanley is a 6th Degree black belt and director of the Phoenix Taekwondo Club. She is the marketing talent behind Phoenix. With her fierce leadership, Phoenix boasts 9 locations in Edmonton with 800 athletes. 2019 marked the launch of her Girls on Fire Confidence Conference, an event dedicated to mentoring young girls. Learn more […]

Jamilla Webb: How to Do Good and Make a Difference With a Business You’re Passionate About

Jamilla Webb, BSN, RN, is a Public Health Nurse, certified doula and writer based in New Orleans. She loves to travel, read, listen to indie hip hop and jazz and is beyond passionate about women’s health. She is the founder of HER Health Nurse. Learn more at: HERHealthNurse.org

Kyle Asman: How to Position Your Business for Venture Capital

Founder and investor Kyle Asman has launched his own venture fund. Connect with Kyle at linkedin.com/in/kyleasman

Corina Waldie: How to Create an Unforgettable Client Experience

Corina Waldie is the founder of Your Personal Fairy Tale, a wedding planning firm based in Edmonton, Alberta. Corina empowers her clients to throw out the rulebook and have a wedding that is authentically them. Using storytelling, intentional design, and engaging the senses, she helps them go beyond what’s trending to curate an experience that […]

Mark Hodges: How to Plan and Execute Large-Scale Growth

Mark Hodges is a former senior officer of a large publicly traded homebuilding company, responsible for strategic planning, organizational development and operational execution. He now consults with growing companies to chart a path for growth, improve operations and build the infrastructure to achieve growth objectives. Learn more at: linkedin.com/in/mark-hodges-14622043

Michael Diettrich-Chastain: How to Build Your ‘Adaptability Muscle’

Michael Diettrich-Chastain is the CEO of Arc Integrated, an Organizational Consulting and Professional Coaching practice. Michael is an author, coach, facilitator and speaker. His work focuses on peak performance for leaders, teams and cultures. His writing has been featured on Time, Money, Entrepreneur and The Washington Post. His new book, CHANGES – The Busy Professional’s […]

Brotha James: How to Bring Out the Best in People Through Uplifting Music

From a small town in Northern Michigan, the Uplifting Pop Rock musician brotha James is turning heads across the globe. Fans describe his music as uplifting, inspirational and energizing! In a sea of disempowering music, brotha James’ music creates songs with lyrics and beats that bring out the best in you. Learn more at: brothajames.com

Andre Haykal: How to Succeed As a Young Entrepreneur

Andre is a 20-year old college student entrepreneur and best-selling author of What They Won’t Teach You. Learn more at: incubatemedia.us

Angela Odom: How to Succeed with the S.O.A.R. Success System

Most women undervalue themselves. Angela M. Odom, a leadership developer with extensive high stress, international and graduate level academic experience, created the S.O.A.R success system for emerging women leaders. Her mission is to help 1 million women S.O.A.R by 2025. Angela is a Certified Personal Development Coach and author of Bronco Strong: A Memoir of […]

Kyle Handfield: How to Take Your Product from Concept to Market

Kyle Handfield is founder and Managing Director with Ventrify Inc. With a background in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta, Kyle worked with several organizations – including overseas – before eventually founding Ventrify here in Edmonton. His view and vision are that innovation is not looking at problems differently, but finding solutions to problems […]

DeeAnne Riendeau: How to Elevate the Energy of Your Business

DeeAnne Riendeau is a thought leader with a focus on elevating how we think and live. She is the founder and president of Your Holistic Earth, the first holistic health care system in the world, which promotes healing through mind body and spirit by providing connections, tools and resources for a better life. Experiencing a […]

Walt Brown: How to Transform Organizational Culture With the 7 Question – 7 Promise Framework

“Seasoned multi-company entrepreneur” is one label that has been used to describe Walt Brown over the years. Walt is seven for seven when it comes to launching and growing new companies. During the last decade, he has helped transform the culture of more than one hundred fifty organizations across the country as an Implementer of […]

Brittini Hostyn: How to Get More Visibility with Promotional Marketing

Brittini from Fox and Forth works with key decision-makers, proactive managers and tactical planners to achieve branding and promotional marketing goals. Recently featured in Business in Edmonton Magazine Brittini From Fox and Forth takes promotional branding to a new level. Learn more at foxandforth.com


Brian Courtney: How to Grow Your Business with Fun, Interactive Speaking Engagements

Brian Courtney is Vice President of The Safegard Group, an insurance and risk advisory firm. Brian has a passion for public speaking to grow his business and has a knack for taking risky subject material and creating it into a fun and interactive learning environment. Learn more at: safegardgroup.com

Daniel Sande: How to Source Your Product and Avoid Import/Export Headaches

Daniel Sande is a true entrepreneur. He has lead canvasing sales teams, developed brick and mortar stores, and online e-commerce businesses. He began sourcing environmentally friendly products and soon realized the difficulties of shipping and importing goods. In response, he learned the ins and outs of import and logistics. He now runs Straight Forward Sourcing […]

Tamara Hunter: How to Get the Support You Need for Facing Cancer

Tamara Hunter is a survivor of cancer who is determined to see that no one faces cancer alone. She is president and co-founder of a nonprofit 501(c)3, Chemo Buddies for Life. Her mission is to end isolation during diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and the “new normal” life after cancer. Learn more at: CB4L.org

Kimberly Hobscheid: How to Give a Memorable Answer to the Question: So What Do You Do?

Kimberly Hobscheid is an award-winning international inspirational public speaker, best-selling author, audiobook producer, six-time entrepreneur. She is the creator of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel, an active community of Entrepreneurs, looking to contribute, connect and grow with other entrepreneurs. Her vision is to inspire all entrepreneurs, to achieve their genius, in whatever way that is. Kimberly has […]

Cheryl Meyer: How to Lower Your Toxic Load and Eliminate Chronic Pain

Cheryl Meyer suffered from autoimmune disease. By eliminating toxins she reversed her pain. Cheryl has a BA from UC-Berkeley and is a health coach from IIN. Cheryl is an award-winning author, international bestseller, health coach, speaker, local T.V. host and guest podcaster. She encourages you to listen to your body and to own your own […]

Erika Laszlo: How to Be A More Successful Entrepreneur By Changing This One Thing

Erika Laszlo is a transformational teacher, mentor, a communication trainer and author. Erika has empowered and changed the lives of thousands clients and students from 25 countries from 5 continents through workshops and transformational training. She created the #1 integrated and intuitive licensed coaching system of all time, called SuperConscious Self-Coaching™. Learn more at: scc.world/en

Dr. Heather Bartos: How to Make Self-Care a Priority in Your Life and Work

A board-certified OB-GYN and US Navy veteran, Dr. Heather Bartos is the CEO of BE. Women’s Health & Wellness and also the fierce founder of Badass Women, Badass Health. Featured in Glamour and Cosmo to Women’s Health and ABC News, Dr. Bartos is currently working on a book about mindful sexuality. Learn more at: HeatherBartosMD.com

Jordan Gross: How to Find Purpose, Fulfillment, and Happiness on Cloud Nine

Jordan Gross is a Northwestern and Kellogg School of Management graduate, a two-time startup founder, a TEDx speaker, and a #1 best-selling author. His upcoming book, The Journey to Cloud Nine, provides a new approach to the personal development world by using fictional storytelling to reveal some of life’s most meaningful principles. Jordan has been […]

Dr. Holly Sawyer: How to Stay Strong and Self-Confident in a Hostile Workplace

Dr. Holly Sawyer is a licensed professional counselor, national certified counselor and certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor. Dr. Holly has specialized in providing mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment in a wide variety of settings and populations. Dr. Holly is the owner of Life First Therapy, LLC located in the Mt. Airy area […]

Jessica Derksen: How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs with Better Habits

Jessica Derksen is a Certified Health and Life Coach and is a huge believer that when you change a habit you can change a life. Jessica works with her clients by empowering them to make decisions that align with their goals and focus on what they get to have in their life instead of what […]

Micheale Eccleston: How to Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful – Flaws and All

Micheale Eccleston is a fashion designer, speaker, stylist, fashion editor, author, wife, and mother born in Kingston Jamaica. Micheale empowers women to “Own Their Beautiful Flaws and All.” Micheale is impacting the lives of women all over and truly wants to help women with their confidence by sharing her story. Learn more at: sochicsoyou.com


Mike Regina: How to Use Your Social Capital to Create a Culture of Connection

Mike’s an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a family man, a team player, and a leader who thrives on observing the masses and doing the opposite. Gets up by 3:30am. Connects 1,000’s of people a year to grow their business. Created multi-million-dollar businesses that don’t compete on price. Learn more at: mikeregina.io

Steve Farber: How to Achieve Radical Results with a Business Culture of Love

Bestselling author Steve Farber is the founder and CEO of The Extreme Leadership Institute—a learning and development firm devoted to helping its clients develop award-winning cultures and achieve radical results. The Institute’s team has helped over 20 companies earn a ranking on the Best Places to Work list. His much-anticipated new book, Love is Just […]

Kelly Cochran: How to Be a “Loud” Woman in Today’s Society

Kelly Cochran is the author of #1 Best Seller, “LOUD: Silence Your Critics & Turn Up the Volume on Your Life.” Her hilarious memoir is a powerful must-read for anyone looking to live a life of purpose. An unapologetic writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Kelly passionately encourages women to listen to their instincts and speak their […]

Ceri Payne: How to Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Health, Sleep, or Relationships

Ceri Payne is a Certified Life Coach that grew her business while being a mom to three daughters and teaching school full-time. She coaches entrepreneurs to organize, schedule and use their time with purpose and intention so they can grow their business without sacrificing health, sleep or relationships. Learn more at: instagram.com/organizedlife.coach

Charlotte Howard: How to Increase Your Leads, Clients and Sales Today

Charlotte Howard is the world’s leading authority in business development, an elite global speaker and #1 multiple times global best selling author. She teaches small businesses, women entrepreneurs, women executives and women business owners how to build million dollar businesses strategically. Before becoming a full-time female entrepreneur, Charlotte Howard enjoyed a fun-filled rewarding career as […]

Alissa Daire Nelson: How to Build a Frickin’ Awesome Strengths-Based Team

Alissa Daire Nelson is regularly featured on television news segments, inside major blogs and publications, and on podcasts from all over the globe. She’s an accomplished success coach, speaker, host of the Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur podcast as well as the brand new podcast, Making The List. She’s the author of the book, From Frustrated to […]

Ande Lyons: How to Succeed in Your Startup Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

Ande Lyons is a startup founder coach, podcast host and co-host of a popular monthly pitch event in Boston called Founders Live. Her deep toolkit of hard earned business skills from four prior businesses, combined with an abundance of enthusiasm and joy, aka Andelicious Advice, Ande restores businesses and their founders to a healthy condition. […]

Moneeka Sawyer: How to Build Wealth Blissfully Through Real Estate

Moneeka Sawyer is The Blissful Millionaire. She hosts the radio show Real Estate Investing for Women and has been featured on stages with Suzanne Sommer, Martha Stewart, and Hal Elrod at places like the Nasdaq Marketplace, Harvard, and Carnegie Hall, and on TV on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox reaching over 150 million people. Learn […]

Kat Halushka: How to Get More Clients Through Public Speaking

Kat Halushka is an international mentor, speaker and coach. After moving to Canada she built a 6 figure marketing agency from the ground up in less than a year. Shortly she sold the agency to live her true passion – helping entrepreneurs start and grow a business that supports the lifestyle they want. In the […]

Larry Michel: How to Break Free of Your Stories and Experience True Love

Larry Michel, AKA “The Love Shepherd”, founder of the School of Genetic Energetics, Master ERP™, relationship coach, speaker, producer, author and host of The Love Matters Podcast. He is a steward for a revolutionary science that delivers an understanding of the impact and expanse of our energetic relationships, helping people break free of stories and […]

Nathaniel Bruno: How to Live a Freedom Lifestyle as an Entrepreneur

Nathaniel Bruno is a serial entrepreneur who just started his fifth business since 2007. He bought a moving and hauling franchise 2 years after graduating college – College Hunks Hauling Junk – and operated that for 7 years. He then started a cell phone amplification business and also provided business consulting services to new entrepreneurs. […]

Anna Pereira: How to Help More People With Your Health and Wellness Practice

Anna Pereira is CEO of SoulVentures, founder of TheWellnessUniverse.com and producer of SoulTreat Wellness Retreats. In 2013 she had a vision to connect Health & Wellness Providers to Seekers of a Better Life in which true, profound, meaningful change can take place. Since 2015, she and Shari Alyse have brought together over 3000 members to […]

Karen Briscoe: How to Create Your Success in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Karen Briscoe is the creator of the transformative “5 Minute Success” concept. Her books Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed and Commit to Get Leads: 66 Day Challenge® offer a combination of information and inspiration delivered through memorable stories. The daily format with takeaways propels one to […]

Dr. Richard Shuster: How to Leverage the Science of Helping Others

Dr. Richard Shuster is a clinical psychologist, keynote speaker, CEO of MARS Industries, renowned media expert, and the host of The Daily Helping podcast which is regularly downloaded in over 100 countries. His mission is to help people become the best versions of themselves and make the world a better place. Learn more at: drrichardshuster.com

Hayley Sohn: How to Take Your Business from Idea to Income

Hayley Sohn is the owner and founder of Basically It Meals, a St Louis based healthy meal delivery service. After receiving her degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and working in a corporate position, she built a side business cooking healthy meals. Hayley turned this into her full time gig in 2018 and knows the […]

Mike Finger: How to Build a Business You Can Successfully Sell

Mike Finger is a successful small business owner. Over the last 25 years Mike has bought, built and sold multiple businesses. Building his first business was a rewarding challenge, but what really captivated him was selling his first business. Learn more at: exitoasis.com

Michael Coscetta: How to Succeed in Sales With an Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Corporate Environment

Michael Coscetta is currently the Chief Sales & Strategy Officer of real estate technology company, Compass Inc, responsible for growing all aspects of revenue. Previously the vice president of global sales at the fintech company, Square, he led all areas of sales and business development for the $35 billion payments business.

Michael Wynn: How to Optimize Your Performance with Winning Habits

Michael Wynn, Owner of Coach “Win,” is a Habit Success Strategist, International Speaker, and Best-Selling Author from Detroit. With a background as a Financial Auditor, Financial Literacy Trainer, and Authenticity Coach, Michael coaches people to optimize their performance by using habits. His bestselling book is called Habits Don’t Lie! Learn more at: michaelwynn.com

Cathy Christen: How to Live a Life You Love by Asking Better Questions

Cathy Christen is a spirited boss babe, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, life and business strategist, and best-selling author dedicated to helping others live a life they love. She brings profound awareness to the extraordinary possibilities within everyone she meets, and provides business and personal coaching tools to help individuals and organizations elevate to their highest […]

Jim Phillips: How to Live in Full Expression

Jim Phillips is a LIFE Strategist, author, speaker and business coach. Through his work Jim inspires others to higher levels of achievement and life fulfillment helping them understand what has been misunderstood. He has written two books, The Key to LIFE; Living in Full Expression and From Inspiration to Intention. He has appeared as an […]

Bob Burg: How to Achieve Personal and Professional Success With The Go-Giver Way

Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences sharing the platform with everyone from today’s business leaders and broadcast personalities to even a former U.S. President. Bob is the author of a number of books on sales, marketing and influence, with total book sales of well over a million copies. His […]

Sherry Holub: How to Unburden Yourself from Do-It-Yourself Websites, Design, and Marketing

Sherry Holub has over 20 years of experience eliminating stress and worry for small business clients and becoming a trusted partner for their website, design and marketing needs. She’s an advocate for education, a member of prestigious design organizations, and has judged design competitions such as the Webby Awards. Learn more at: jvmediadesign.com

Jen Groover: How to Get More of Everything You Desire in Life With The MORE Method

Jen Groover has been tagged by Success Magazine as a “One-Woman Brand,” a “Creativity and Innovation Guru” and a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur Magazine and ranked #8 by SAP in the Top 51 Influencers of Human Potential. She was recently nominated for “Motivational Speaker of the Year for 2019” from Speakercon. As well as […]


Lyne Tumlinson: How to Build a Culture for the Human Economy

Lyne Tumlinson, CAE, ICF-PCC, is known for her energy and inspiration as she helps leaders whose staff teams experience energy-sucking conflicts and silos and works with those seeking a meaningful culture for their organization. The results? Highly engaged, high-performing focus from leaders and throughout the staff. Learn more at: lift-teamcoaching.com

Lisa Meisels: How to Naturally Exude Charisma and Magnetize Clients to You

Lisa Meisels is the go-to expert helping female spiritual entrepreneurs & change-making coaches attract committed, high paying clients without confusion, hype, hustle, or burnout so they can make a positive impact and transform the world. Through her unique proprietary intuitive process, Lisa brings her energy and magical touch to help women find and express their […]

Lacy Boggs: How to Use Blogging and Content Marketing to Make a Killing

Lacy Boggs is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, Make a Killing With Content, and the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps personality-driven brands create and implement content marketing strategies tailor-made to support their customers and reach their goals. Learn more at: lacyboggs.com

Blaine Bartlett: How to Discover the Soul of Your Business with Compassionate Capitalism

Blaine Bartlett is CEO and President of Avatar Resources, a consultancy he founded in 1987. He has personally delivered programs to more than a quarter of a million individuals and has directly impacted more than one million people worldwide. He’s an Adjunct Professor at Beijing University, Managing Director of the Global Coaching Alliance, Founder of […]

Christopher Gannon: How to Find and Fulfill Your Purpose

Born in Oceanside California to a working class family, Chris Gannon is a Hollywood actor and Air Force veteran who discovered his purpose is to free others through the art of acting. Learn more at: christopherjgannon.com

Dr. Melissa Bird: How to Find Your Voice and Engage in Graceful Revolution

Dr. Melissa Bird is a passionate feminist whose education in social work has led to a career advocating for children, women, and their families. Dr. Bird guides her clients to harness their power, amplify their voice and bring meaningful growth to their world. As a life coach, author, and fiery public speaker, Dr. Bird creates […]

Katrina Petersen: How to Take the Leap and Keep Pushing Forward With Entrepreneurial Drive

Katrina Petersen is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to save a Crooked Steeple Hall, an 1850’s church building. She believes in taking crazy chances and finding others who share your passion to help build your business. Her favorite quote is a Japanese proverb, “Fall 7 times, stand up 8.” Learn more at crookedsteeplehall.com

Annie Schuessler: How to Create a Unique Online Offering That Makes a Real Impact

Annie Schuessler is a business coach and the host of The Rebel Therapist® Podcast. She’s been a therapist in private practice for over 17 years, and a business coach for 9 years. With her Rebel Therapist® Program, she helps therapist entrepreneurs make an impact beyond the therapy room. Learn more at rebeltherapist.me

Kelly McClymer: How to Succeed in the Authorpreneur Revolution

Kelly McClymer, USA Today bestselling author of two dozen novels and short stories, started Hack Your Muse to coach other writers how to meet the muse and face the blank page fearlessly, to write what they want, how they want, when they want. Learn more at: kellymcclymerbooks.com

Michelle Bourque: How to Design Life/Work Balance for Your Life Without Overwhelm

Michelle Bourque is a sales professional and certified life coach leading positive change to empower growth and develop for women in the corporate world. She is the founder of Michelle Bourque Coaching and specializes in helping women design balance for their lives in order to let go of the stress and overwhelm. Learn more at: […]

Nicholas Dillon: How to Overcome Any Obstacle By Shifting Your Belief and Mindset

Nicholas Dillon is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, professional coach, and counselor, as well as a leadership and organizational consultant. Nick is on a mission to pursue his passion and build a legacy of influence. Thousands of individuals from the community to corporate America have learned from his insight on Leadership & Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, & […]

Natalie Wilson: How To Get The Life You Want Without Becoming A Woman You Hate

Natalie Wilson is a highly sought-after Life Coach for ambitious, former “Nice Girls” who have always done the right thing but still aren’t happy. They want to feel better but don’t even know where to start. As a former teacher and corporate sales executive with degrees in both business and education, Natalie specializes in helping […]

Shari Alyse: How to Love Yourself Happy

Motivated by her own journey through childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas, Shari Alyse has spent her life learning how to love herself fully and completely. Shari helps women and men discover their joy by reconnecting them back to themselves through the practice of self-love. Shari is a best-selling author of the book Love […]

Mike Michalowicz: How to Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Dream Simply and Profitably

Mike Michalowicz is the author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan, and his newest release Clockwork. By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two companies – one to private equity and another to a Fortune 500. Today he is running his third multi-million dollar venture, Profit First Professionals. Mike is a former […]

Anne Beaulieu: How to Get Your Customers to Know, Like, and Trust You

Anne Beaulieu is an Emotional Intelligence coach, an economist, a chartered financial analyst, and the author of EQ Blueprint For Closing Sales. She is the founder of Walking Inside Resources Inc., a coaching and resource-based company in the field of Emotional Intelligence and strategic planning for entrepreneurs. Learn more at: walkinginside.com

Kristen Boice: How to Get Unstuck and Open the Doors to New Possibilities

Kristen Dale Boice is a licensed marriage and family therapist and owns a private counseling practice, Pathways to Healing Counseling. She is the host of the Close the Chapter Podcast. She is a speaker, workshop presenter, and inspirational influencer. Kristen specializes in improving self-worth, helping couples and families resolve conflicts and develop powerful communication skills, […]

Jennifer Hooper: How to Take Bold Steps and Create the Business and Life You Want

Jennifer Hooper is a life coach for women who are ready to take bold steps. Most of her clients are entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses but struggle with fear, self-doubt, and lack of confidence. She helps them show up with courage and create exactly the life they want. Learn more at: jennifer-hooper.com

How to Overcome Adversity and Be Focused, Fierce, and Fulfilled

Carolyn Colleen is a fierce mother of three, author, international speaker, life and business strategist and Founder of Fierce Academy. Carolyn’s life story is one of personal and professional transformation. From standing in a food line at the Salvation Army to Ph.D., Carolyn’s life purpose is to provide hope and inspire people to move from […]

Dondi Scumaci: How to Be a Better Leader by Telling Better Stories

Dondi Scumaci is an International Performance Consultant and author – an expert in leadership, coaching, and professional development. Her seminars and keynotes have made a positive, lasting impact on corporations around the world. She is a Mentoring Thought Leader and guides hundreds of mentoring partnerships annually. Her coaching and facilitating expertise allows her to lead […]

Tracy King: How to Create Transformational Experiences That Sell

As CEO & Chief Learning Strategist of InspirEd, Tracy King leverages her more than 20 years in the adult learning industry consulting with organizations on education strategy and learning design. Tracy is the author of Competitive Advantage, and she advises associations on how to grow reliably profitable and sustainable CE programs that transform learners. Tracy […]

Eric Garside: How to Achieve Your Business Goals by Holding Yourself Accountable for Results

Eric Garside is the Senior Director of Engineering for Freshly.com. He has a decade of experience building direct-to-consumer e-commerce platforms, business intelligence applications, enterprise software, and the teams that develop them. Learn more at: freshly.com

Jen Whitmore: How to Maintain Your Nutrition and Exercise Routine Even While Traveling

Jen Whitmore is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer with over 12 years of experience in weight loss instruction, Bootcamp training, and teaching aerobics, water aerobics, swimming, and cycling. As well as the creator of Road Warrior Wellness Concierge. Learn more at: rwtravelswell.com

Katy Bray: How to Put Your Intuition to Work in Your Business

Katy Bray is an intuitive entrepreneur whose direct and loving approach has been transformational for her clients in growing into the next levels of their intuition and business.  Katy is a Vedic Counselor and dancer. She is also an author, speaker, retreat facilitator and a catalyst for all who seek her counsel. Learn more at: […]

Sarah Argenal: How to Defeat Burnout Through the Whole SELF Lifestyle ™

Sarah Argenal is a speaker, writer, and facilitator who is on a mission to eradicate the burnout epidemic that is crushing working parents, so they can finally start to enjoy these precious years of their life. As founder of The Argenal Institute, host of the popular Working Parent Resource Podcast, and creator of the Whole […]

Daniel Linares: How to Create Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Daniel Linares is a professional DJ, business coach, and brand strategist who helps DJs, wedding vendors, and service-based businesses position themselves as elite in their market. Daniel helps them work less and earn more, quit their 9 to 5, and become an in-demand, premium-priced brand in their market. Learn more at: daniel.nyc

Allana Pratt: How to Heal Your Heartbreak and Receive More Love and Money

Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is a global media personality who awakens open-hearted, unapologetic living after heartbreak. Her own custody battle inspired vulnerability and courage that landed her a featured weekly column on the GoodMenProject, featured as an Icon of Influence, and as Guest Expert on Huffington Post, People Magazine, Forbes, The Jenny McCarthy Show among […]

Caryn Gillen: How to Lead Better, Faster, Without Driving Yourself or Your People Crazy

Caryn Gillen is a leadership coach for entrepreneurs and executives who want to lead better, faster. They want to be great leaders – they also want to be agile and grow fast without putting their teams through hell or breaking the businesses they have.  Caryn helps them become the leaders they’ve dreamt of becoming so […]

Helen Tremethick: How to Scale Your Business With the Right Brand Voice Strategy

Helen Tremethick is a brand voice strategist and copy coach whose values-driven approach to communications helps scaling entrepreneurs and small businesses move their businesses into the next sphere. Helen is the CEO of The Communications Distillery, a boutique branding studio located in an old farmhouse in the middle of the Canadian countryside. Learn more at: […]

Tiffany May: How to Get On Stage in Front of Your Target Audience

Having spent many years working with celebrated and prominent CEO’s, Tiffany May is experienced in recognizing the values and importance of impactful leadership. She is driven to work with thought leaders and strategically markets them. She successfully books speakers, coaches, authors, c-level leaders and entrepreneurs in front of large audiences, in the media, and on […]


Stephen & Sonji Millet: How to Ignite Bliss in Your Relationship

Stephen and Sonji Millet are transformational speakers and relationship bliss coaches. Their diverse backgrounds uniquely qualify them to provide creative solutions to relationship problems.  They have helped their clients solve such problems as lack of intimacy, how to communicate what you really want and desire, and how to talk about money without fighting. They provide […]

Dan Casetta: How to Imitate the Success Habits of Highly Successful People

Dan Casetta is a record-setting sales executive who has powerfully shaped the culture of a large international organization, the Cutco/Vector Marketing sales team. He’s a national speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host, who loves learning and sharing good ideas. Learn more at: dancasetta.com 

Michelle Garside: How to Create Your Unique and Differentiated Brand Presence

Michelle Garside is the co-founder of Soul Camp Creative, a full-service marketing agency devoted to working with conscious companies and brands that are positively impacting the planet. Soul Camp’s clients include coaches, teachers, healers, wellness practitioners, retreat centers, wellness facilities and any purpose-driven organization looking to empower people to live happier, healthier lives. Michelle and […]

Mahyar Rostami: How to Lead Your Business with Military Confidence

Mahyar Rostami is a US Military veteran and, for the last 11 years, he has trained leaders, government agencies, and teams to develop the character, trust, and vision required to build influence and achieve their organizational goals. He is a leadership consultant and certified speaker for Vistage Worldwide and the John C. Maxwell Team, and […]

Amy Guerrero: How to Escape Addiction and Thrive in Recovery

Amy Guerrero is a Trauma-Informed Recovery Life Coach and the creator of Thrive in Recovery. She combined her personal journey of healing her trauma and choosing a conscious sober lifestyle with years of education to create a unique solution she now shares with others. Thrive in Recovery is an integrative approach to recovery that supports […]


Nicholas Spohn: How to Ethically Use Persuasion and Influence for More Love and Fulfillment

Nicholas Spohn has devoted his life to all things personal development. As a hypnotist and reiki master Nicholas combines principles from psychology and spirituality to help his clients and audiences overcome self-sabotaging subconscious programs allowing them to experience more love and fulfillment. Learn more at: spohntrained.com

Roman Prokopchuk: How to Master Best Practices in Digital Marketing

Roman Prokopchuk is the founder of Nova Zora Digital, the host of the Digital Savage Experience Podcast, foster parent, and first-generation immigrant from Ukraine. Learn more at: novazoradigital.com

Suzanna Quintana: How to Get Over Your Abusive Ex for Good

Suzanna Quintana is a writer, abuse survivor, and single mom. After escaping nearly two decades of abuse at the hands of a diagnosed narcissist, she now helps other women recover and heal after abusive relationships. Suzanna is the bestselling author of the new book, “You’re Still That Girl: Get Over Your Abusive Ex for Good!” […]

Susi Carder: How to Build a Business – and Sell It for Millions

International speaker and best-selling author Susie Carder is known as the profit coach, supporting clients to build multimillion-dollar enterprises. Her passion is taking customers from bootstrap to big time!    Learn more at: susiecarder.com.

Christine Schlonski: How to Fall in Love With, and Attract, Your Ideal Customer

Christine Schlonski is known as “The Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset.” She is a multi-talented leader in the fields of sales, success, mindset, motivation, and strategies. She works with heart-centered entrepreneurs who love what they do but dislike selling. She shows you how to make sales with ease, grace, and confidence to ask your price. Learn […]

Angela Robeck: How to Avoid Burnout and Regain Balance in Your Professional and Personal Life

Angela Kelly Robeck is a former teacher, school administrator, and the founder of Angela Kelly Coaching. She’s a certified life coach that specializes in helping school leaders navigate the demands of their job and regain balance in their professional and personal lives. Learn more at: angelakellycoaching.com.

Harry Sherwood: How to Find True Fulfillment and Simplicity in Your Life

Over the last decade, Harry Sherwood has lived with and learned from monks, yogis, martial arts masters, professors, and psychologists. His experiences led him to co-found Consciously.org, where they guide people into fulfillment, transformation, and expanded awareness in mind, body, and spirit. Learn more at: consciously.org.

Kyle Gorman: How to Build Your High-Performing Team and Regain Your Freedom

Kyle Gorman is an entrepreneur, management coach, and the Founder/CEO of Employer Blueprint. Kyle is committed to helping business owners gain freedom in their business by building high-performing teams through proper talent acquisition and employee development.   Learn more at: employerblueprint.com.

Julie Reisler: How to Get a PhD in YOU

Author and Life Designer® Julie Reisler is the founder and CEO of Empowered Living, a Life Design and personal development company. Julie is a multi-time TEDx speaker, host of The You-est You® podcast and teacher on the popular app, Insight Timer with over 94,000 downloads. Julie has a master’s degree in health & wellness coaching, […]

Meredith Holley: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting Your Job

Meredith Holley is a lawyer, power dynamics facilitator, and bestselling author. She is the founder of Eris Conflict Resolution, where she works with businesses to resolve crisis interpersonal conflict and empower employees to stop sexual harassment without quitting their jobs. Meredith is the author of Career Defense 101: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting […]

Jesse Harless: How to Recover from Addiction and Reach Your Full Potential

Jesse Harless, M.A., is an author, trainer, life coach, group empowerment facilitator, motivational speaker and Entrepreneur in Recovery™. Jesse recently released his first Amazon Best Selling book called Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers. Jesse is the founder of Entrepreneurs in Recovery™ Facilitation Training, a training that empowers people in addiction recovery reach their […]

Peter Frumenti: How to Fix Your Sales Process So Your Marketing Will Actually Work

Peter Frumenti is the Founder and CEO of Sales Team 6. After becoming one of the top closers in the High Ticket Expert Coaching Space working for some of the most well-known coaching companies online Peter began teaching coaches how to close more sales using his AuthenticEnrollment™ Sales Process. He now works with business owners […]

Purdeep Sangha: How Male Entrepreneurs Can Balance a Successful Business With a Happy Family

Purdeep helps entrepreneurs master themselves so they can master their life. His personal mission is to help men live more fulfilling lives, have passionate relationships and raise happy families. As an entrepreneur, husband and father, Purdeep knows exactly how tough it can be to balance a successful business with a happy family. Learn more at: […]

Alyson Franz: How to Cure Your Grief and Rapidly Recover from Loss and Trauma

Alyson Franz is a grief and trauma healing expert, speaker and author. She helps people who have struggled with grief and trauma for years (and sometimes decades) to completely break free so they can flourish and thrive in their lives again. She is the founder of “The Grief Cure Method,” a unique and powerful way […]

Jon Vroman: How to Put Your Family First and Master the Art of Moment-Making

Jon Vroman inspires others to Live Life In The Front Row™ by teaching the art of moment making. He is an award-winning keynote speaker, podcast host and #1 bestselling author of The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with The Art of Moment Making. The book is a collection of inspiring stories, compelling science, and […]

Heather Havenwood: How to Make Money As An Influencer in Today’s New Content-Crazy World

Heather Ann Havenwood is the founder of Influencer Growth Formula, bestselling author of the book Sexy Boss, and a nationally syndicated radio host of the show ‘Like A Boss: Insights with Influencers.’ She was named by Huffington Post as Top Female Entrepreneur to Watch, and she is the founder of Female Business Association. Known as […]

Nic Peterson: How to Build a Business That Facilitates Your Life Without Violating Your Values

Nic is an extraordinarily talented individual who loves to look forward, strategize, learn, teach, connect, and develop relationships. His role is in developing and investing in win-win relationships between Mastery Mode, its prospects, clients, and partners. With his experience in both offline and online businesses, he loves to share the core principles that make himself […]

Eduardo Placer: How to Hack Your Fear of Public Speaking

Eduardo Placer is a Story Doula, Keynote Speaker, and Global Community Builder.  He is the CEO and Founder of Fearless Communicators, an international, dynamic public speaking coaching business. He is an identical twin and battles an acute condition called showtune-itis, where he spontaneously breaks out into song and dance. Learn more at: www.fearlesscommunicators.com.

Liz Gracia: How to Supercharge Your Business with a Wonder Woman Brand

Liz Gracia has been a serial entrepreneur-ess as far back as elementary school. She founded NewMouseMedia.com & TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com, digital marketing companies focused on providing “The Foundational Basics for Your Online Success,” which has been successfully providing a return on her client’s investment for over 10 years. Learn more at: www.TheAthenaArena.com.

Rachel Alexandria: How to ‘Adult’ Like a Revolutionary

Rachel Alexandria was a licensed psychotherapist for eight years and now serves as a Soul Medic and Reality Mentor. Rachel teaches how to “adult” like a revolutionary. Her clients become masterful at creating powerful lives of purpose and meaning. She has written two best-selling books about navigating conflict and about conquering the inner critic. Learn […]

Greg Hickman: How to Simplify and Automate Your Sales and Marketing Systems for Amazing Client Results

Greg is the Founder and CEO of System.ly. Over the last 4 years, Greg and his team have transformed System.ly from an automation consultancy serving many well-known entrepreneurs and growth experts into one of the top coaching and training companies for service providers looking to grow and scale by leveraging automation to convert more leads […]

Benjamin Brown: How to Master the Art of Closing the Sale

Benjamin Brown is a father of two young children and holds a bachelor’s degree in business management. He has over 23 years of experience in the sales field in multiple positions, from sales reps to sales management. Ben is the best-selling author of the book, Master the Art of Closing the Sale: The Game-Changing 10-Step […]

Guy Bouchard: How to Succeed in Multi-Family Real Estate Investing

Guy’s real estate investment career began in 2004 at the age of 21. Since then Guy has surrounded himself with some of the most successful and influential people in the industry, allowing him to learn some of the most successful investment strategies along the way. With his visionary strengths and creative methods, he began excelling […]

Jenna Zaffino: How to Animate Your Support Systems for Entrepreneurial Fulfillment

Jenna Zaffino is a dynamic leader in the Pilates profession. Driven from her personal recovery from professional burnout, Jenna hosts online support programs, tours internationally with her coaching courses and hosts her wildly popular podcast, Pilates Unfiltered. Jenna’s mission is to help professionals access alignment of mind/body/spirit support in life as well as business. Learn […]

Tansy Rodgers: How to Recenter and Create Whole Person Health for Yourself

Tansy Rodgers is the creator of beU Complete – body energy unity, complete lifestyle coaching. As a lifestyle coach, personal trainer, fitness instructor, public speaker, and PTA, she is dedicated to helping people transform lives. Tansy specializes in coaching women who are ready to revive their vibrant, alive and youthful selves. Through education on energy […]

Lucas Roy Lehman: How to Achieve Extraordinary Financial Success and Deep Emotional Fulfillment.

Lucas Roy Lehman speaks and leads seminars on personal power and intimacy all over the US, Sweden, and Canada. He is a certified neurotransformational coach, a certified sacred sexuality educator, and author of the new Amazon #1 bestselling book: 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power. For the past 12 years as a coaching […]

Amber Vilhauer: How to Build a Powerful Online Presence That Gets Results

Amber Vilhauer is an online digital marketing expert who supports authors, speakers, and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. Since starting her company NGNG Enterprises Inc. (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting […]

Davide Di Giorgio: How to Build Confidence and Self Esteem by Being Unapologetic

Davide Di Giorgio is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, TEDx Speaker Coach, Leadership Coach, and an Ambassador for creating unprecedented results for uncommon people – like you. He is on a mission to tackle bullying and build confidence and self-esteem while funding dream projects for high school performing arts students and teachers. Davide is […]

Martin Seville: How to Confidently and Calmly Manage Whatever Work and Life Throws at You

Over 20 years Martin became consumed by the financial services corporate culture, system, and life. In the process, he lost much of his health and himself in the process, struggling with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Taking everything he learned (the hard way!) Martin now coaches corporate professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs how to confidently and […]

Sonia Gupte: How to Access the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Infinite Possibilities

“From Doctor to Healer,” Sonia works exclusively with the Power of the Human Subconscious Mind to bring about life-altering transformation in her clients. She is the founder of “enso-nia, Center for Mind and Life Transformation” in San Diego, California. After 15 years of successfully practicing as a medical professional in India, Singapore, and Dubai, Dr. […]

Elatia Abate: How to Prepare Your Business for the Robot Invasion

Elatia is an entrepreneur, human capital expert, and thought leader on the future of work. She builds solutions that empower people as technology disrupts our world. Elatia was Global Director, Recruitment for Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Vice President of HR for Dow Jones & Company.  She teaches in the Continuing Studies departments of Stanford University and […]

Candy Ho: How to Break the Rules and Create Lasting Social Impact With Your Business

Candy is a co-founder of her company, Element Lifestyle Retirement, and an innovator who has sparked a movement across Canada, and all the way to Australia, with an intergenerational aging-in-place movement. Her vision won her company an international award from over 950 retirement projects assessed worldwide. Her purpose in this model is to break through […]

Brook Borup: How to Automate, Delegate, and Innovate Your Small Business

When it comes to automation and delegation for small business, no one does it better than Brook Borup. Driven by the desire to see small business owners spend more time away from their business doing what they love, Brook has developed systems and methodologies helping countless business owners around the world do more of what […]

Lisa Zawrotny: How to Declutter and Discover Your Authentic Life and Business

Lisa Zawrotny created Positively Productive Systems to bring the powerful healing of simplifying and self-care to her chronically overwhelmed clients. As a holistic productivity coach, she teaches them to embrace simplicity by decluttering their lives and to find success by designing systems and habits meant for their personality and values. Learn more at: www.positivelyproductive.com.

Steve Sims: How to Shock and Awe Your Clients by Giving Them More Than They Ask For

As the founder of Bluefish, one of the top personal concierge services, and an expert marketer within the luxury industry, Steve has been quoted in various publications & TV including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, London’s Sunday Times, South China Morning Post and many more. He makes the impossible, possible, after all he is quoted […]

Cortney McDermott: How to Unlock Your Confidence to Lead with Your Intuition

Cortney is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker, and strategic trainer to corporate executives and entrepreneurial leaders around the world. Her book, Change Starts Within You, was selected by Inc. Magazine’s “26 Favourite Books of High Achievers” with features in Success Magazine, Women’s Health, Startup Canada, and Fox News Chicago. Learn more at cortinc.com.


Francis Piche: How to Develop the Resilience You Need to Achieve Anything You Want

Francis Piche is an enthusiastic speaker and mindset coach from Canada. He loves to share his insights into the importance of resilience, the purpose of life and the power of the heart. He is currently working on a documentary project called: The Resilience Element. Learn more at: theresilienceelement.com. 

Ana Levin: How to Find Clarity by Trusting the Wisdom of Your Heart

Because matters of the heart have always been the force that has driven Ana, she helps people to be in alignment with themselves so they can live a thriving life by trusting in the power of their heart. Ana’s heart-centered approach opens people and companies to the emotional wisdom that allows them to see the […]

Teresa Campos: How to Brave the Terrain and Live in Alignment with Your Purpose

Teresa Campos is a speaker, author, and coach to all those seeking a more fulfilled life. She works with individuals who know they are here to live a deeper purpose yet feel stuck trying to live in alignment with that purpose. She helps them identify changes to be made, brave the terrain of those changes, […]

Linda Armstrong: How to Find and Connect With Your True Purpose

Linda Armstrong is an energy healer and spiritual awakening coach. She has a unique style in her work combining energy healing with coaching while tapping into her intuitive nature and spiritual guidance to help her clients live an inspired high vibrational life.    Learn more at: lovemylife.coach.

Marc Mawhinney: How to Get More Clients Without Paid Advertising

Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients (without paid advertising)! He achieves this with his coaching programs; his podcasts (Natural Born Coaches and The Marc Mawhinney Minute); his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter – Secret Coach Club. He’s been a speaker at events like Social […]


Nellie Akalp: How to Bulletproof Your Business and Protect Your Assets

Nellie Akalp is a passionate entrepreneur, mother of four, and the founder and CEO of CorpNet.com, a trusted resource for business incorporation, LLC filings, and corporate compliance services in all 50 states. Nellie and her team recently launched a partner program for tax and finance professionals to help them streamline the business incorporation and compliance […]


Dr. Michelle Mazur: How to Change the World With Your 3 Word Rebellion

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. founded Communication Rebel® on the belief that communication changes the world, so that’s what she helps business owners and speakers do: rebel against the status quo to make a difference, one compelling message at a time. She is the author of three books including the newly-released 3 Word Rebellion: Create a One-of-a-Kind […]


Gary Mahler: How to Come Alive by Being What You Seek

Zen beach boy, master of flow, speaker of truth. Known for pure spirit connection, choosing only the best waves, strength in silence and commitment to vision and purpose. Home wherever he is, Gary was born in Quebec, moved to British Columbia, and has lived in Paris, Tokyo, and Hawaii. His home base is Vancouver, BC. […]

Lola! Love: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams by Raising Your Energy

Lola! Love is a dynamic speaker, author and life coach who inspires, motivates and empowers audiences to do what she has: create the lives of their dreams. With amazing adventures that include touring globally as a dancer with James Brown and building a subsequent career as a Hollywood talent manager, Lola! has fascinating tales to […]


Dr. Beth Halbert: How to Talk to Your Teens to Create a Stronger Bond

Named “America’s Teeonolgist©” by Moms The Word Radio Show™ Beth Halbert provides parenting and re-parenting programs that help families create stronger parent-teen bonds to improve communications. Dr. Beth gives advice to volumes of parents and Individuals via DrBeth.Com, her social media channels, and her Ask Dr.Beth ® Radio show. She is author of the best-selling […]