Kim Daly – Franchise Expert – Shares The Secrets To Owning A Profitable Franchise

Kim Daly, Franchise Expert, shares why owning a franchise is often better than starting your own business and how she matches a client’s background, interests, skills, finances and life goals to find the ideal franchise opportunity. For the past 20 years Kim Daly has been helping people realize their dreams of business ownership through franchising. […]

Jessica Fialkovich – Business Exit Expert – On How To Prepare Your Business For Sale In One Year or Less

In this episode business exit expert, Jessica Fialkovich, shares how to prepare your business for sale in one year or less. Jessica Fialkovich is a Business Exit Expert, #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Small Business Advocate. When she sold her first business a decade ago, she had no idea where to start. Fortunately, she […]

Jim Palmer – Dream Business Coach – On How to Create Your Dream Business

Starting your own business and growing it to give you the lifestyle you want isn’t for the faint of heart. In 2016 Jim Palmer and his wife Stephanie traded in practical and predictable for adventurous and exciting. They sold their home of 30 years to live on their boat full time and only then did […]

Ross Brannon – Strategic Wealth Advisor – Shares His Unique Retirement Savings Strategy

Ross Brannon is not your typical Financial Advisor. As a fee based “strategic wealth advisor” he meets with his clients’ multiple times to get a baseline of their current financial position before together they even begin to plan out a retirement strategy. Savings is king in Brannon’s world – not getting the highest rate of […]

Andrew and Scott Behan – The Benefits of Advanced Funeral Planning

Preparing for a funeral may seem intimidating but planning in advance allows you to decide on what you want. Because funeral expenses can be expensive – particularly if you don’t preplan. Too many people run through their life savings, thanks to stays in nursing homes or improper planning. Planning and funding ahead of time can […]

Dr. Terrance Cooper On The Health Benefits Of Detoxing

In this interview, Dr. Terrance Cooper “Doc”, shares how detoxing can improve health. Doc Cooper practiced Chiropractic for 43 years in California and Utah. He retired from his chiropractic practice in 2017 but not from helping seniors regain their health through natural means when possible. While he is not adjusting his patients full time, he […]

Steve Gordon – The Unstoppable CEO – On How to Use Referral Marketing and Podcasts to Prospect For New Clients

In this interview, Steve Gordon shares strategies for growing your business predictably through referral marketing and podcasting. Steve Gordon is a 2-time entrepreneur and best-selling author of the book Unstoppable Referrals. He’s the host of the Unstoppable CEO podcast and has published over 400 articles on marketing and sales for professional service firms. His firm, […]


Parthiv Shah- an Income Producing Asset – Shares His Rainmaker Strategies

In this episode Parthiv Shah shares his money making strategies for business owners. Shah is founder and President of eLaunchers and calls himself an Income Producing Asset (i.e. Rainmaker) for over 300 dentists, physicians and other cash based clients (in 27 states and 8 countries) who do business by appointments. Known by his clients for […]


Michael McLean Shares How to Attract and Keep Super Star Employees

In this episode Michael McLean shares his system for attracting and keeping super star employees. Michael became famous for joining his father’s small-town insurance agency in 2002 with ZERO insurance experience and TRIPLING the size (and profits) in his first 36 months. He went on over the next 15 years to be widely known for […]

Graves Burke – How To Get and Keep Good Employees

In this interview, Graves Burke shares how to find and keep good employees. Always wanting to get the latest and greatest LEGO space set, Graves  decided his allowance wasn’t fast enough for everything he wanted to buy. So he took things into his own hands at a very early age. He got a paper route […]

Yakov Smart, Strategic Consultant, on How to Attract High-Paying Clients

Yakov Smart, Strategic consultant, shares how to attract high paying clients by using the Connect & Profit Effect Process. Yakov Smart is the founder of Connect & Profit and known as the leading authority on attracting high-paying clients by activating the Connect & Profit Effect. Tapping into the Connect & Profit System, Yakov grew his […]


Bob Mason, Architectural Engineer, On Commercial Property Condition Assessment

Bob Mason, Architectural Engineer, shares the commercial property condition assessment process. Bob Mason has both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Architectural Engineering. He has a broad experience in all aspects of contract negotiation, planning, and design. As the owner of a boutique engineering firm: Reliable Structural Engineers LLC, most of his clients come from […]


Rob Thomson – Estate Planning Attorney on 5 Essential Things Every Person Needs to Know About Protecting Their Assets

In this episode Rob Thomson, an Estate Planning Attorney, shares 5 essential things every business owner needs to know about protecting their assets. Rob Thomson was raised in Monroe, Louisiana. He graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he received his undergraduate Bachelor of Music degree and participated with Kappa Kappa Psi. (And […]


Dale Gibbons – Top Business Coach on How To Increase Profits and Keep Cash Flow Forever Positive

In this interview Dale Gibbons shares how he coaches business owners to increasing their profits and keeping their cash flow forever positive. Dale Gibbons is the founder of Your 7 figure Business Coach. He has built three 7-figure businesses and has dedicated his career to helping others make the world a better place by growing […]


Jill Lublin – Publicity Expert On How to Stay Visible During Uncertain Times Using Publicity

In this episode Publicity Expert, Jill Lublin, shares how to stay visible during uncertain times using publicity. Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness and Referrals.  She is the author of 4 Best Selling books including Get Noticed…Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and […]

Dr. Ken Vinton – Top Doctor of Chiropractic in the Country – On How Patients Get Pain Relief from His Advanced Methods

In this interview Dr. Kenneth Vinton shares how he is able to treat patients with severe pain (back, neck, head, joints) and in most cases have them living pain-free. Dr. Kenneth Vinton performed his undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh, and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, with honors in research, in June 1989. […]

Graves Burke – Facebook Monetizing Expert – On how to get high ticket sales from Facebook group

In this final interview, Graves Burke shares how to get high ticket sales from Facebook groups. This is podcast #3 of a 3-part podcast series where Graves share the entire process of monetizing Facebook groups. Always wanting to get the latest and greatest LEGO space set, Graves  decided his allowance wasn’t fast enough for everything […]

Graves Burke – Facebook Monetizing Expert – . On Identifying problems/solutions to monetize in Facebook

In this interview, Graves Burke shares how to find solutions to problems in Facebook groups to monetize and create passive income. This is podcast #2 of a 3-part podcast series where Graves share the entire process of monetizing Facebook groups. Always wanting to get the latest and greatest LEGO space set, Graves  decided his allowance […]

Graves Burke – Facebook Monetizing Expert – on how to find Facebook Groups to Monetize

In this interview, Graves Burke shares how to find Facebook groups to monetize and create passive income. This is podcast #1 of a 3-part podcast series where Graves share the entire process of monetizing Facebook groups. Always wanting to get the latest and greatest LEGO space set, Graves  decided his allowance wasn’t fast enough for […]

Dr. Fedich – Chiropractor – on how he recovered his practice during the COVID Pandemic

On this show, Dr. James Fedich shares how he lost nearly 85% of his business during the early days of the COVID Pandemic only to recover quickly by using creative marketing strategies. Dr. James Fedich is a chiropractor in a town of 10,000 in rural New Jersey. He knew from the age of 13 he […]

Dr. Kevin – Weight Loss Doctor – on His New Weight & Fat Loss Medical Treatment

In this interview, Dr. Kevin discusses his new medical treatment for weight loss, burning fat and the revolutionary new prescription medications he uses for weight loss and appetite suppression not available at the corner Walgreens or CVS. He also discusses how the evolution of telemedicine has literally changed everything and opened the doors to being able to […]

Ken Elshoff – Entrepreneur – on How to Monetize Facebook Groups

On this show, Ken Elshoff shares how he grew a Facebook group to over 100,000 and strategies to monetize groups.  Ken Elshoff is a serial entrepreneur.  He has rehabbed and flipped houses, built and sold online courses, built and monetized Facebook groups as well as being a go-to coach for those who want to succeed […]

Doug Bertram – Orthopedic Wellness Practitioner – on the 12 Pillars to Business Success

On this show, Doug Bertram shares his 12 pillars of business success that has catapulted him from a massage therapist to busy and successful Orthopedic Wellness Practitioner and CEO/Franchisor with dozens of locations across the US. Doug started working as a massage therapist in 1995 with a focus on treating athletic injuries. He practiced for […]


Parthiv Shah – COVID Economy Implementor – What you must KNOW and DO to Not Fall Victim to the Covid Economy

In this interview, Parthiv Shah shares how he has helped over 100 businesses during COVID not only survive but come out of the pandemic stronger than before. Parthiv Shah is the Founder and President of Over 300 dentists, physicians and other clients from 27 states in USA and over 8 other countries have benefited […]


Dr. Terrance Cooper – Consulting Physician for Lifetime Vibe – On How a Whole Body Vibration Machine Helps the Body Heal Itself

In this interview, Dr. Terrance Cooper “Doc”, shares how a whole body vibration machine made especially for seniors can improve health by stimulating the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow, and helping with joint flexibility. Ten minutes on the machine is like spending an hour exercising. Doc Cooper practiced Chiropractic for 43 years in California and […]


Tana Daughtrey – Life Coach For Attorney’s On Her 5 Step Meltdown Preventative Process

In this interview, Tana Daughtrey shares how she helps attorneys who are stressed out and on the road to a meltdown regain their life and their passion for law. Tana worked as a practicing attorney in Houston, Texas, for 38 years.  For 31 of those years she worked in the Law Department for a Fortune […]


Ann Carden – Strategic Business Coach – On How to Rapidly Scale Up Your Business By Creating an Expert High Ticket Offer

In this interview, Ann Carden shares how she helps professional service providers rapidly scale their business by creating an expert high ticket offer for faster and more profitable growth. Ann Carden is a Strategic Business Growth & Marketing Consultant. She is the CEO of A. Carden Inc. and is an international bestselling author, podcast host […]

Mendi Funk – Personal and Business Concierge – On How Hiring a Personal Concierge Can Reduce Stress and Get Your To-do List Done

In this interview, Mendi Funk shares how anyone can hire a Personal Concierge/Assistant to reduce stress, get organized and get back their time to spend with family and friends. After 25 years in the pharmaceutical and medical device sales, in 2016, Mendi Funk decided to start her own concierge company and use her innate organization […]


Ann McIndoo – Author’s Coach – On How to Get Your Book Out of Your Head and Into Your Hands

In this interview, Ann McIndoo shares how anyone can write a book for profit, to position themselves as an authority, or simply for fun. Since 2005, Ann McIndoo, CEO and Founder of So, You Want To Write, has produced more than 1,637 books for professionals, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, business leaders and CEO’s. She specializes in […]


Becky Auer – 3X Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner & Authority Marketing Expert Shares Strategies on Getting Local Businesses More Customers

In this interview, Becky Auer shares simple changes local businesses can do to create authority and increase their profits. Becky Auer has owned and operated 3 multi-million dollar businesses and is ranked number 20 of the Top 200 Small Business Coaches in the World; she’s taught 375 plus workshops, seminars, bootcamps; is an International Speaker […]

Donna Krech – Health and Wellness Expert – On 3 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

In this interview, Donna Krech shares 3 simple ways to reduce stress in your life and how you can turn your wellness and health passion into a profitable business. Award Winning Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and International Speaker, Donna Krech has a 30+ year track record of building multi-million dollar companies in the wellness, weight […]

Extus Justin – Consultant to Online Coaches – On how anyone can use their knowledge to start an online coaching business

In this episode St. Lucia native, Extus Justin, shares how he helps coaches and consultants attract and enroll 20-30 new clients online every week in their coaching business. After moving to the US at age 18, Extus Justin spent 8 years as a U.S. Marine. He then left to get started building his online coaching/consulting […]

Bert Molner – Marketing Consultant & Owner of Tree Frog Photography – on creating your personal story and strategic partnerships

In this interview, Bert Molner shares 4 marketing ideas to implement right now during COVID-19. Bert Molner wrote the book on marketing and customer service – literally. Author of “Leap Over Competition – with a single idea!” He draws from 15 years of experience in the corporate board room of two Fortune 500 companies, and […]


Travis Lee – President of 3D Mail – on using creative direct mail strategies

In this episode Travis Lee – an internationally known expert in getting direct mail delivered, opened and read – shares how clients right now are using direct mail to stay in touch with clients and reach out to prospects. As co-founder and president of 3D Mail, he generates huge returns for thousands of businesses each […]

Bruce and Josh Hudson – Master photographers – on how to sell retail products online and craft special offers when business is closed

In this episode the dynamic father and son team from Seattle, Bruce & Josh Hudson share how they’ve pivoted their photography business to bring in cash flow during COVID-19. Without having to have anyone come into the studio. They just came off their best year in a decade! While many studios are struggling in a […]

Mike Stewart – Internet Consultant to Local Businesses – on his top 10 Strategies to dominate local marketing

In the episode, Mike Stewart, president and founder of Stewart Internet Solutions Inc., a internet consulting agency and services company located in the Nashville, TN  shares his top 10 strategies for local businesses to dominate their local market. In 1996, Mike became passionate about the future of the Internet and how small businesses could benefit […]


John Limbocker – SEO Strategist – Adapt and Thrive by Creating New Online Income Streams

In this episode, John Limbocker, Top Marketing Strategist, SEO Authority and Founder of Internet Dominators offers ideas for small businesses to create new streams of online income during times of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. John has been cracking search engine codes since the mid-90’s, getting top listings for his clients. His company, Internet […]

David Linton – Founder of Everlast Epoxy Systems – Growing Your Business With Government Money

David Linton is the founder of Everlast Epoxy Systems, Inc., a commercial flooring manufacturer. David is a master at pivoting to meet changing market needs and offered to share tips and ideas to thrive during challenging times with small businesses and entrepreneurs. He spent 29 years placing floors in some of the most well-known establishments […]

Kevin Donlin – Top Marketing Advisor – Tips for Small Businesses to Recover Fast During and After Crisis

Kevin Donlin, a business owner from Minneapolis, has a lot of ideas for those small business owners that may be hurting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kevin specializes in marketing and copyrighting strategies for small business. Kevin Donlin has been involved in marketing since 1994, when he may have sold the first ebook online, payable by […]

Keith Lee – Top Growth Business Consultant – Tips to Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Keith Lee is a Business Consultant offering tips for small businesses on how to position their business to survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keith started as a Sales Rep at Thompson Marking Service in 1978. In 1981, he became the General Manager of the company, soon thereafter the President. In the 1990s, Keith […]

Vance Morris Interview – Disney Experience Coach – How to Create a Disney-Like Experience in Your Business

Business owner Vance Morris explains his concept of creating a Disney-like experience in your business. Morris owns two businesses, including a carpet cleaning business with three crews. Morris wants to offer other business owners hope and encouragement during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Vance Morris is author of the book “Systematic Magic, 7 Magic Keys to […]


Eugene Montanez – Co-Owner of Allegro Print and Mail – Drafting a Plan for Post Virus Success for Your Business

Eugene Montanez is the co-owner of Allegro Print and Mail. He also has a sign business, Image360 Signs and Displays. Eugene is the author of Direct Mail is Not Dead: Grow Your Business With Targeted Direct Mail. Allegra Print and Mail is a full-service marketing, direct mail and print communications company while Image360 creates signs […]


Jerry Kezhaya – The Auto Shop – Tips From a Business Mastermind and Serial Entrepreneur

Business Mastermind and Serial Entrepreneur Jerry Kezhaya, owner of The Auto Shop, the largest independent auto repair facility in north east Texas, offers tips for businesses dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Jerry has his fingers in a lot of different successful businesses including: The Auto Shop, Business Builders Mentor & Mastermind, My Car Wash, […]

Brian Hahn – CEO of Go Social Experts – How to Use Online Marketing to Grow Your Business

Brian Hahn is the Founder and CEO of Go Social Experts. He’s an expert at helping businesses create profitability using Facebook and online marketing. During this time with the Corona virus pandemic, Brian offers tips, ideas and hope for small business owners who want their business to recover fast and thrive despite adversity. Brian takes […]


Dr. Allen Lycka – Cosmetic Dermatologist and Best Selling Author – Living a Fantastic Life

Today, Dr. Allen Lycka is known as a brilliant marketer, but he was the also a leading cosmetic dermatologist for the last three decades! And, he’s a best selling author. After decades as a leading cosmetic dermatologist, in 2003 something happened in his life that changed everything. A pioneer in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Lycka helped […]


Kevin Donlin – Marketing Advisor – Tips for Small Businesses to Recover Fast During and After Crisis

Kevin Donlin, a business owner from Minneapolis, has a lot of ideas for those small business owners that may be hurting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kevin specializes in marketing and copyrighting strategies for small business. Kevin Donlin has been involved in marketing since 1994, when he may have sold the first ebook online, payable by […]


Gary Morris – Marketing Consultant – Mastering Mindset and Strategic Alliances

Gary Morris is a Marketing Consultant and SEO Specialist. This episode was recorded right in the middle of the Corona virus pandemic, Gary Morris gives real ideas and tips for small businesses who may be hurting right now. Gary is the founder of Grafted-In, a marketing and design agency located in Fenton, Michigan. His latest […]


Bryan Durkin – B2B LinkedIn Expert – How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With New Clients and Grow Your Business

Bryan Durkin is a brilliant Magnetic Marketing Consultant who specializes in the B2B LinkedIn world. Today’s show was recorded in Nina Hershberger’s home office, because many people are quarantined in their homes during the Corona virus. This show is focusing on small business owners who may be very fearful right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. […]


Steve Sipress – Business Consultant – Having a List for Your Business Is Like Having Money on Demand

Business Owner Steve Sipress is a brilliant marketer. In business it all starts with a list and today Steve will explain how a list can make you money, even in unusual times like these. Steve is a successful serial entrepreneur, who has created and built over a dozen successful companies of his own, through multiple […]


Les Eads – New trends in thinning hair for both men and women

In this episode, Les Eads, featured in Hair Replacement Today Magazine, discusses thinning hair and what pills, lotions and potions actually work and who’s the best candidate for hair transplant vs a hair replacement system (the new modern term for what our parents would call a toupee). He even shares the secret behind President Donald […]